Not sure how I missed this, in August 2014 (whoops) ghosthead bobewan posted pictures of his custom Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse. Its based on instructions found on the interwebs. Building a Ghostbusters Firehouse from LEGOs in itself is pretty great. When its a gift for his son at Christmas its brought to another level. From bobewan: Hello All, wanted to share pics of the LEGO MOCs I made my son last christmas. I… Read More

No one could expect Mattel to come with their own molded plastic version of the firehouse separately. The expense alone would be cost prohibited. The “Retro-Action” Firehouse comes as mostly folded cardboard and when open stands at 22 inches. It’d have to be tall to display the Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters. While the firehouse is meant to be a facade for display or possible play time, Matty Collector went the extra mile…. Read More

When I was in my teens I had given many of my opened, played with The Real Ghostbusters (and TMNT) toys to a then friend of the family’s son. This decision came because of bullying and kid(s) at his school stealing his toys. I wasn’t going to stand for that if I could help it. In hardly no time at all I gave him the majority of these toys. Almost immediately he… Read More

The next page from the Kenner “chapter” of the Toys section continues with The Real Ghostbusters Fire House. This was the only building play set that went into production during The Real Ghostbusters.™ About 5 years later their was a strong attempt to make an Egon’s Lab™ play set. It didn’t go into production. I will feature Egon’s Lab and other unreleased Kenner toys in a future update. Before Egon could have… Read More