Retro-Action Firehouse


No one could expect Mattel to come with their own molded plastic version of the firehouse separately. The expense alone would be cost prohibited. The “Retro-Action” Firehouse comes as mostly folded cardboard and when open stands at 22 inches. It’d have to be tall to display the Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters.

While the firehouse is meant to be a facade for display or possible play time, Matty Collector went the extra mile. Printing the first floor of The Real Ghostbusters firehouse interior. The red doors open revealing a graphic of Ecto-1 in the garage bay. You can also see into the rear office area.

To provide further realism, the “Retro-Action” Firehouse has a “no ghost” logo sign that hangs off the building, like its cartoon counterpart.

On a related note has anyone else ever wondered why there are snowflakes around the window packaging?


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