Matty Collector Retro-Action Figures Added To Ecto-Containment Store


In 2011 Matty Collector went beyond our childhood nostalgia, recreating (Real) Ghostbusters figures based on the kind of figures kids had in 1970 something.

I had all 4 Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters. I sold Retro-Action Peter, Egon, and Winston in previous years. Retro-Action Ray, “the heart” of the Retro-Action Real Ghostbusters could make a great addition to a collection or for a ghosthead in the 21st Century to play with.

“Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters! Travel back in time with the Retro-Action Ghostbusters Figure Collection Character styling based on the popular animated TV series “The Real Ghostbusters,” from the 1980s Captures the look and feel of nostalgic soft-body figures from the ’70s and ’80s Features 8″ nostalgic action figure in authentic cloth retro-styling with signature Ghostbusters accessory.” Thin card has some shelf wear. Figure comes from a smoke free and pet free residence.


Retro-Action Janine Melnitz & Retro-Action Samhain are the only Matty Collector Retro-Action figures from series 2. They were released in 2011 as a “2 pack.” Eventually appearing at Toys ‘R Us. Which is where I bought this set. Retro-Action Janine Melnitz & Retro-Action Samhain hasn’t been opened. Includes a “to scale” Slimer, Proton Pack, Ghost Trap, P.K.E Meter, Specter Detector, and 22″ Firehouse Diorama! Figures come from a smoke free and pet free residence.

Source: Ecto-Containment

Site Update: Ecto-Containment Store Open


Since the end of January, I’ve been working on a new section for Ecto-Containment, a basic on-line Store. The purpose of having a store at Ecto-Containment is to sell mostly Ghostbusters items from my personal collection. Their could be non Ghostbusters items added.

Why is Ecto-Containments store basic? I’m not using commerce software and don’t have a PayPal business account. That’s why their aren’t add-to-cart buttons and directly checking out through Ecto-Containment.

More information, including placing an order is listed on Ecto-Containments Store front. Currently listed are Matty Collector figures.

Links below open new windows (or tabs) to each of the product sections. Thank you for visiting Ecto-Containment Store and look forward to your business.


6″ Ghostbusters II

Toys ‘R Us Exclusive

Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters

Photo Source: Original Store Graphic: PSD Graphics.

Retro-Action Firehouse


No one could expect Mattel to come with their own molded plastic version of the firehouse separately. The expense alone would be cost prohibited. The “Retro-Action” Firehouse comes as mostly folded cardboard and when open stands at 22 inches. It’d have to be tall to display the Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters.

While the firehouse is meant to be a facade for display or possible play time, Matty Collector went the extra mile. Printing the first floor of The Real Ghostbusters firehouse interior. The red doors open revealing a graphic of Ecto-1 in the garage bay. You can also see into the rear office area.

To provide further realism, the “Retro-Action” Firehouse has a “no ghost” logo sign that hangs off the building, like its cartoon counterpart.

On a related note has anyone else ever wondered why there are snowflakes around the window packaging?

Matty Collector Retro-Action Samhain


Samhain is one of the few The Real Ghostbusters ghost characters who remains popular among ghostheads. Besides appearing in an episode and a special during the series, he was seen five other times, including the title sequence from season 4 onward. Samhain was featured in both NOW c o m i c s Issue 17, Chanted Evening and IDW Publishing Ghostbusters. In The Box Part I & II Samhain appeared in video game form, well, the ghosts resembled him in appearance. (New Ghostbusters II) Despite never having a regular episode about Samhain during the Extreme Ghostbusters, Samhain appeared in both the introduction and ending titles. Toy company, Trendmasters even made a Samhain figure in the late ‘90s. Something Kenner never did a decade earlier, despite the character’s massive popularity.

When I first heard about and saw this Janine & Samhain Retro-Action 2 pack in pictures i thought it would have made more sense based on how the set is presented overall if Mattel had given us The Sandman instead. Although it was a dream state Janine dreamed about being a Ghostbuster in Mr. Sandman, Dream Me A Dream. Obviously it doesn’t take long to see that the odds are in Samhain’s favor over Mr. Sandman in just about everything ghost related.

Matty Collector Retro-Action Janine


Note: I decided to treat Matty Collector’s Janine & Samhain 2 pack like they had been packaged separately. Because of length too, I’ll be writing about Retro-Action Samhain and the diorama firehouse in a separate update.

I never really knew if Matty Collector’s Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters were successful on a financial level for the company. If you believe Mattel (outside of ghostheads) the most popular figure was a 6” Peter Venkman. Unfortunately almost at any given time I saw the Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters at my local Toys ‘R Us long after I probably shouldn’t have. Which is why when Mattel announced at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con a Retro-Action Janine & Samhain 2 pack I was :::dramatic pause::: taken back and thoroughly surprised. And also to include Slimer and a firehouse diorama, wow! Someone at Matty Collector was thinking outside the firehouse.

Up until this set was announced the only impression we had from Mattel about Janine was based on the promotional art work featured on the card back of the Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters. The artwork shows Janine’s new look from season 6 Janine, You’ve Changed and continuing.

I thank Mattel/Matty Collector for not being lazy, basing their Retro-Action Janine on the promotional artwork and the later seasons.

Matty Collector Retro-Action Citizen Ghost Spectral Peter


The uniforms worn during the Gozer battle had too much ectoplasmic radiation and needed to be destroyed. Peter (ironically?) was suppose to take care of this, but didn’t. By the time he realized he still needed to the ectoplasmic uniforms had absorbed more PKE from the new Ectocontainment Unit because of a small leak. The PKE imprinted on the Ghostbusters uniforms, becoming green, ghostly versions of The Real Ghostbusters. They even copied the proton packs!

Matty Collector Retro-Action Citizen Ghost Peter


For some semi good reason Mattel decided to make a slightly different Retro-Action figure, a Peter Venkman from the first season episode Citizen Ghost. Citizen Ghost is a cartoon sequel episode to the Ghostbusters movie. It’s also an unofficial pilot of sorts to how a Ghostbusters cartoon became known as The Real Ghostbusters. A flashback shows The Real Ghostbusters coming back to a badly damaged firehouse wearing their Ghostbusters uniforms with marshmallow “stains” still on them. Fortunately before the guys went off to fight Gozer the new colorful uniforms had arrived.

Matty Collector Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters


November 2013 edit: Removed a sentence about a personal blog post which I opted not to bring over.

Recently I bought a The Real Ghostbusters figure I look forward to receiving and writing about. As I don’t have all the figures in that series this felt like a really good time to write about Matty Collector’s Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters.

Matty Collector produced and first sold Peter, Ray, Egon, and Winston in 2010. They were available in chain toy stores such as Toys ‘R Us, collectible shops, and through on-line retailers. In 2011 Matty Collector produced and first sold a Janine and Samhain 2 pack which included a small Slimer and a firehouse diorama. Which was also available at Toys ‘R Us, collectible shops, and through on-line retailers.

Mattel also offered two different Peter Venkman figures from The Real Ghostbusters episode, Citizen Ghost. Both Peters wear movie style uniform and come with movie style proton packs. The second Peter Venkman is the spectral version of the Real Peter Venkman.

In the next Retro Action The Real Ghostbusters updates we’ll look at the Janine/Samhain 2 pack and the Citizen Ghost Peters.