Matty Collector Retro-Action Samhain


Samhain is one of the few The Real Ghostbusters ghost characters who remains popular among ghostheads. Besides appearing in an episode and a special during the series, he was seen five other times, including the title sequence from season 4 onward. Samhain was featured in both NOW c o m i c s Issue 17, Chanted Evening and IDW Publishing Ghostbusters. In The Box Part I & II Samhain appeared in video game form, well, the ghosts resembled him in appearance. (New Ghostbusters II) Despite never having a regular episode about Samhain during the Extreme Ghostbusters, Samhain appeared in both the introduction and ending titles. Toy company, Trendmasters even made a Samhain figure in the late ‘90s. Something Kenner never did a decade earlier, despite the character’s massive popularity.

When I first heard about and saw this Janine & Samhain Retro-Action 2 pack in pictures i thought it would have made more sense based on how the set is presented overall if Mattel had given us The Sandman instead. Although it was a dream state Janine dreamed about being a Ghostbuster in Mr. Sandman, Dream Me A Dream. Obviously it doesn’t take long to see that the odds are in Samhain’s favor over Mr. Sandman in just about everything ghost related.

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