Custom Ghostbusters Lego Fire House Featuring Containment Room


Not sure how I missed this, in August 2014 (whoops) ghosthead bobewan posted pictures of his custom Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse. Its based on instructions found on the interwebs. Building a Ghostbusters Firehouse from LEGOs in itself is pretty great. When its a gift for his son at Christmas its brought to another level.

From bobewan:

Hello All, wanted to share pics of the LEGO MOCs I made my son last christmas. I found instructions for the Firestation online but tweaked it so it would be longer and have more room for interior play. these aren’t the best pics. I need to take better ones. let me know what you think.


bobewanlegogbfirehouse2 bobewanlegogbfirehouse3

The Containment Room

I really like the attention to detail, like that placed just right Coca~Cola can.

bobewanlegogbfirehouse4 bobewanlegogbfirehouse5 bobewanlegogbfirehouse6 bobewanlegogbfirehouse7 bobewanlegogbfirehouse8





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