Lego Ideas: Ghostbusters Neutrino Wand


This is a different type of Lego Ideas Ghostbusters project. A LEGO designer with the handle of MrLegoHouse has seemingly designed the first Lego Ghostbusters prop.

I’m not sure if Lego’s license extends to prop toys. Upon first look this does somewhat resemble Matty Collector’s Neutrino Wand. If Lego could do it, it would be a different market and appeal to ghostheads. Like with what Matty Collector already produced, it would be incomplete without a lot of LEGO bricks to make a complete Lego Proton Pack.

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Lego Ideas: Dana’s Ghostbusters Apartment


With LEGO officially making licensed Ghostbusters sets, (not Stay-Puft, that’s what I heard!) I kinda thought additional products would come from Lego/Sony. Thankfully over the weekend Lego builders and ghostheads proved me wrong.

Over at LEGO Ideas Bobbrick999 has designed Dana Barrett’s 1980s apartment, you know before the Gatekeeper brought property values way down. Continue reading “Lego Ideas: Dana’s Ghostbusters Apartment”

Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse Speculation


Take this with the grains of color plastic, LEGO news site, The Brick Fan posted details about the upcoming Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse. Something I’ve talked about (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, February 4, 2015) on Ecto-Containment and Ghostbusters Inc. (GB Inc. Search Results)

The source for the set number and details would be credible, (Toys’ R Us Canada) however their isn’t a direct link to any press release or product page from TRU Canada. Also this firehouse would be based on Brent Waller’s design.

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Lego Ideas: Modular Library


Within the last few months I saw in a Lego Ideas email that custom Lego builder JGreeny had created a modular library. As a ghosthead one of the first things that came to mind was here’s a building not only could the LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 be displayed with, the Ghostbusters mini figures could enter, also for display or even to be played in.

Supporting the modular library was already going well enough. I was hoping by writing about it too (if i had gotten to it when I first saw it) more ghostheads and LEGO fans could have also supported it. When I checked today, I was glad to see JGreeny had reached the 10,000 supporters the project needed for LEGO to actually consider putting this into production.

The review and subsequent announcement won’t happen until September. In the meantime check out JGreeny’s modular library with its additional interior details.

Photo Source: JGreeny’s Modular Library

LEGO Ideas Isn’t Moving Forward With Sergio’s Ghostbusters Firehouse


LEGO has announced the product or products they’ll be moving forward with from LEGO Ideas. Unfortunately, not that surprising they didn’t choose Sergio Herencias’ Ghostbusters Firehouse. (GB Inc. Blog Post) If we’re not getting Ghostbusters HQ yet, what will LEGO Idea will they make?

LEGO Ideas #011 WALL-E

Big congratulations to Angus MacLane who created this blocky version of everyone’s favorite hopelessly romantic robot. MacLane is a Pixar animator and director, who actually worked on the WALL-E film. He created the model during the WALL-E production, and submitted it to LEGO Ideas in hopes of it becoming a set. Your hopes and dreams for WALL-E have come true, as the creation will become the next LEGO Ideas product.

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Custom Ghostbusters Lego Fire House Featuring Containment Room


Not sure how I missed this, in August 2014 (whoops) ghosthead bobewan posted pictures of his custom Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse. Its based on instructions found on the interwebs. Building a Ghostbusters Firehouse from LEGOs in itself is pretty great. When its a gift for his son at Christmas its brought to another level.

From bobewan:

Hello All, wanted to share pics of the LEGO MOCs I made my son last christmas. I found instructions for the Firestation online but tweaked it so it would be longer and have more room for interior play. these aren’t the best pics. I need to take better ones. let me know what you think.

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Brickin It! Ghostbusters ‘Villain’ LEGOs

Australian based company Brickin It, who makes custom Lego mini figures is taking pre-orders for the “New York Terror Team.” That may sound like some elite delta supernatural battln’ Ghostbusters team. The terror isn’t that Ghostbusters legos are putting the fear in yellow plastic, just the opposite really. Continue reading “Brickin It! Ghostbusters ‘Villain’ LEGOs”