Spiff’s Custom Gozer Figure

Closer to finish.

Closer to finish.

With word coming down the line that Mattel is going to stop making 6” Ghostbusters figures after this year the chances of getting a Matty Collector Gozer is growing smaller. I don’t even want to think about “Van Horne” Station Winston…

While we’ll always have N.E.C.A’s Gozer, ghosthead and toy sculptor who goes by the handle Spiff still wanted to do one better. I’ll let him explain:

“I’ve been working on this for the past couple of weeks. With a few holes left in both the RGB line from Kenner back in the day and the Matty line now that it’s coming to a close, I decided to do some work myself and thought it was a good time to show something to the community now that I had something presentable. Here’s what I’ve got so far and I’m curious as to what you guys think.

My goal for the look is between an animated style and realism like Don Bluth or Dan Schoening, who I love for making GB’s in what is essentially my favorite animated style. This nimble ‘lil minx should be sized well with the Matty GB’s and the Kenner figs (though slightly larger for them). She also has some arm movement for positioning.”

I’m really liking it myself and will follow Spiff’s progress. Perhaps another toy company, Diamond Select will take notice as well.

Photo Credit: Spiff

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