Lego Ideas: Ghostbusters Neutrino Wand


This is a different type of Lego Ideas Ghostbusters project. A LEGO designer with the handle of MrLegoHouse has seemingly designed the first Lego Ghostbusters prop.

I’m not sure if Lego’s license extends to prop toys. Upon first look this does somewhat resemble Matty Collector’s Neutrino Wand. If Lego could do it, it would be a different market and appeal to ghostheads. Like with what Matty Collector already produced, it would be incomplete without a lot of LEGO bricks to make a complete Lego Proton Pack.

With the release of the new Ghostbusters film in 2016 I wanted to create a model of the Neutrino Wand, part of the famous proton pack to complement the range of Ghostbusters merchandise that is to be released during the year.

This is an approximate scale model of the neutrino wand for all those budding film fans. I have tried to make it as close to the original movie prop utilising both standard and technical lego parts.

I would like this to form part of a “movie props” series of lego models from Ghostbusters (including the iconic ghost trap) and perhaps beyond in to other movie franchises.

MrLegoHouse’s Lego Ideas Neutrino Wand is gathering support.


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