Spirit Halloween Ghostbusters Props

Yesterday I had some opinions about Spirit Halloween new Ghostbusters costumes. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, August 19, 2019) The post was long and I didn’t have the time before work to talk about Spirit Halloween other Ghostbusters merchandise. This is that post. Full disclosure I don’t own any of Spirit Halloween’s Ghostbusters items. I use to … More Spirit Halloween Ghostbusters Props

Spirit Halloween New Ghostbusters Costumes

  Last year Spirit Halloween took their Ghostbusters license to the next level with new Ghostbusters costumes, prop replicas, and more. (GBI Blog Post, August 30, 2018) Those items far as I know are still available to buy along with a storage facility full of new items. Full disclosure I don’t own any of Spirit Halloween’s … More Spirit Halloween New Ghostbusters Costumes

For Sale: Rich’s Ghostbusters II Proton Pack Replica

In June 2000 I bought a Proton Pack replica. Styled somewhat after their look from Ghostbusters II. Eighteen years later I wrote The History Of A Rich Proton Pack Replica. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, February 13, 2018) Today, (bummer) 18 years later my Proton Pack replica is for sale. If you have the “tools and the talent” … More For Sale: Rich’s Ghostbusters II Proton Pack Replica

Site Update: History Of A Rich Proton Pack Replica

I’ve been wanting to write about and show off my Proton Pack replica I bought in June 2000 for years. A reason I waited so long is because in 2000 photos were taken of Jersey Ghostbusters stuff from both Polaroids and a disposable camera! At various times throughout the eighteen years I thought among the photos were … More Site Update: History Of A Rich Proton Pack Replica

Ghostbusters Limited Edition Loot Crate

In May the box subscription service  Loot Crate announced a new Limited Edition Crate. One that would celebrate the Ghostbusters film franchise for both the 20 and 21 centuries. With Ghostbusters (2016) on the horizon from Columbia Pictures, a Sony Pictures Entertainment company, new and “classic” merchandise could mean an all Ghostbusters crate was indeed possible. Last month around Ghostbusters … More Ghostbusters Limited Edition Loot Crate

1980 Somethings Proton Pack Builds

Anovos Productions LLC announced yesterday, although I wrote about it today (GBI Blog Post, April 30, 2016) they’ll be selling a licensed Proton Pack Kit. Proton Pack frame sold separately. Lights and sound kits to eventually come. Matty Collector also neither offered kits or a complete Proton Pack prop toy. I suppose we were fortunate enough to … More 1980 Somethings Proton Pack Builds

Lego Ideas: Ghostbusters Neutrino Wand

This is a different type of Lego Ideas Ghostbusters project. A LEGO designer with the handle of MrLegoHouse has seemingly designed the first Lego Ghostbusters prop. I’m not sure if Lego’s license extends to prop toys. Upon first look this does somewhat resemble Matty Collector’s Neutrino Wand. If Lego could do it, it would be a different market … More Lego Ideas: Ghostbusters Neutrino Wand

Mattel Planning New Ghostbusters Figures And A Proton Pack

Sony Pictures VP of global consumer products, Mark Caplan has provided information about what ghostheads can expect from their business partnership with Mattel in the next year. While we’re probably not getting those The Real Ghostbusters figures (Ghostbusters Inc. Blog Post, July 25, 2014) we’ll see new Ghostbusters figures and have a Proton Pack.

Maverick 1983 Custom Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Proton Pack Build

Ghosthead Maverick 1983 picked up a Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Proton Pack and decided to customize it more like its big brother movie version as much as possible. I only recently saw he’s working on this project by his thread on Ghostbusters Fans.   This project is continuing with the Nutrona Wand customization and possibly lights for … More Maverick 1983 Custom Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Proton Pack Build

Custom Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Figures & ECTO-1

In May 2014 ghosthead tw1478 posted at Ghostbusters Fans about his custom The Real Ghostbusters figures and ECTO-1. Molds were made of the figures for more and multiple customs! Other variants include The Real Ghostbusters hero figures from Kenner‘s  Slimed Heroes, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II/Power Pack Heroes, and Citizen Ghost. Custom work was also done to The Real Ghostbusters equipment. … More Custom Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Figures & ECTO-1