Mattel Planning New Ghostbusters Figures And A Proton Pack


Sony Pictures VP of global consumer products, Mark Caplan has provided information about what ghostheads can expect from their business partnership with Mattel in the next year. While we’re probably not getting those The Real Ghostbusters figures (Ghostbusters Inc. Blog Post, July 25, 2014) we’ll see new Ghostbusters figures and have a Proton Pack.

The full press release (which covers more then Ghostbusters) can be read at Toy News.

“We’re going after collectors with blind bag figures at a very reasonable price point. In each figure pack there’s a piece of a particular character, so if a consumer buys all four, they can assemble a separate ghost.” said Mark Caplan, Sony Pictures’ new senior vice president of global consumer products.

“Mattel is also doing a board game and six-inch figures of both the classic Ghostbusters and the brand new movie. The firm is developing a new Eco-1 and the collectable characters can fit into the car. Mattel is also creating the Proton Pack. What kid would not want to throw that on?”

“Alongside Mattel, we have LEGO on board, Funko doing Pop! Vinyl and Rubie’s is making costumes. It’s expansive. We have something for everyone, whether you’re a collector or an everyday toy buyer.”

Initial Thoughts

I’m glad to see Mattel (in regards to Ghostbusters) still sees value (and profit) in still making some kind of classic Ghostbusters figures, etc. Most likely 6 inch figures. I just don’t want to order from Matty Collector.

I find it interesting they’re also making a board game. Safe to assume it’ll be less complex then The Ghostbusters Board Game. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, October 29, 2015) Probably more family friendly, maybe a mix of both classic and new Ghostbusters. It’ll be good to see more Ghostbusters figures and merchandise in stores.


I think ghostheads fully expected some toy company to produce at least figures based on Ghostbusters 2016. It was already known Mattel’s license allows for world wide distribution. To bring back (wonder if Mattel will reuse molds or make new ones) classic Ghostbusters figures was somewhat of a surprise. If they’re brand new sculpts, I’d expect less detail for a more casual market. When we once played with toys, not just collect them. 🙂

Titan Merchandise already makes blind box Ghostbusters figures. Maybe Mattel’s will be less detailed, bigger or smaller, or just be based on Ghostbusters 2016. As a bonus, similar to what toy companies like Hasbro have done each box will come with a toy part to create a ghost figure.


If you’ve read my sites in recent years or any Ghostbusters web site that covers this kind of news you’ve already known Mattel for whatever reason (most likely financial) has had problems making an ECTO-1 that would sorta work with their 6 inch figures. With a new movie coming out and profit on the horizon somehow they did or will figure out an ECTO-1 that will also allow figures to fit inside.

While it could be awesome to have new and existing classic Ghostbusters figures go for a joy ride in their new old ’59 Caddy ambulance, sounds like Mattel will make the Ghostbusters 2016 ECTO-1 and the female Ghostbusters can sit on the way to a new call. Chris Hemsworth can sit in a new Gunner seat. 😀

Proton Pack

At SDCC 2015 Sony and Mattel had a screen used Ghostbusters 2016 Proton Pack on display. Going by memory it was in a ‘basic’ Ghostbusters type display. Fans didn’t really know what it meant, as far as I still know Mattel/Matty Collector didn’t even have either a panel or Ghostbusters panel as they have had in previous years.

I fully expect to see Mattel make a toy version of a Ghostbusters 2016 Proton Pack, probably along the lines of what Kenner did with their Proton Pack during The Real Ghostbusters and prior to Ghostbusters II.

For a mass produced “classic” Ghostbusters Proton Pack aimed at collectors with big bank accounts another company will or would have to produce them. I hold a bit of hope Mattel could still make a Proton Pack as they already released a Nutrona Wand. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, December 28, 2013)

Photo Source: Mattel


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