LEGO Posts New Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ Images


Today LEGO uploaded to their Facebook page art and interior images for their upcoming Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ. Set number 75827.

Your first look at the official images of set 75827 Firehouse Headquarters!

Get ready to bust some ghosts and recreate iconic Ghostbusters scenes with the 2-story Firehouse Headquarters!

Available starting January 2016

Organized photos after the break!

Box Art

legogbfirehouseboxoff legogbfirehouseboxoff2




LEGO/designers provide references to Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, David Crane’s Ghostbusters video game, sorta reference The Real Ghostbusters, (with a kitchen) and a surprising room LEGO mini figures don’t really need.

legogbfirehouseopenoff legogbfirehouseopenoff2

legogbfirehousepoleoff legogbfirehouseinteroff3

legogbfirehouseinteroff legogbfirehouseinteroff2

legogbfirehouseinteroff4 legogbfirehouseinteroff5

legogbfirehouseinteroff6 legogbfirehouseinteroff7

Ghostbusters Mini-Figs

legogbfirehousepeteroff legogbfirehouseray legogbfirehousegon legogbfirehousewinston legogbfirehousejanine

Ghost Mini-Figs

legogbfirehouseslimer legogbfirehouseslimer2

legogbfirehouselibraryghost legogbfirehousegatekeep legogbfirehousevinz



legogbfirehouseblueghost legogbfirehousepinkghost

Photos Source: LEGO (Facebook)


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