Ghostbusters Videmption Arcade Game


I’ve been aware that a Ghostbusters Videmption arcade game will be coming out. At that time, it was kinda more of a tease because a photo was taken and went into that one cable which connects to the internet. I have no problem (why would I?) talking about a Ghostbusters Videmption arcade game. I’m not really knowledgeable about such games and I would have preferred to have waited until it was official.

Fortunately Arcade Heroes is and have provided the info along with knowledgable speculation.

Controllers (Early stage of development?)

  • Combo mounted gun/ping pong ball mounted.
  • Called Proton Streams.
  • Cabinet may be part of a “prototype.”

It is always unknown at what exact stage that location test games are at in the development cycle (could be anywhere between 35% and 95%).

A fan of these types of games who goes by the handle Jackpot Master (in awe right?) saw a Ghostbusters Videmption Arcade game. He filmed gameplay to share with the world through the other cable that goes to the YouTube part of the internet.

Photo Source: Arcade Heroes


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