Episode Review: Big Trouble With Little Slimer


I had been wanting to review a new episode of The Real Ghostbusters. After seeing Sony’s Crackle site (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, October 21, 2015) had episodes from season 1 to stream, it provided a bit of motivation.

Most likely because of a call back to Ghostbusters that episode with Walter Peck came to mind.

Season 3, Episode 11, Big Trouble With Little Slimer is the only episode of The Real Ghostbusters to follow up with Walter Peck’s story. Bent on revenge for the (real) Ghostbusters ending his career with the E.P.A years earlier, Walter Peck has a plan to put The Real Ghostbusters out of business for good. By having government scientists study Slimer. 😀

Big Trouble With Little Slimer review.

Photo Source: Ecto-Containment Screencap from Volume 3, Disc 4.

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