Crackle Streaming The Real Ghostbusters


Sony Pictures streaming service Crackle quietly put up season 1 of The Real Ghostbusters to stream. Episodes can be streamed for free even without having an account. Their is a short ad before we go back to 1986. Episodes listed after the break are linked to my small amount of reviews. If you’d like to skip that until I write a new review :p here’s The Real Ghostbusters Crackle page.


Episode 1: Ghosts ‘R’ Us
Episode 2: Killerwatt
Episode 3: Mrs. Roger’s Neighborhood
Episode 4: Slimer, Come Home
Episode 5: Troll Bridge
Episode 6: The Boogieman Cometh
Episode 7: Mr. Sandman, Dream Me A Dream
Episode 8: When Halloween Was Forever
Episode 9: Look Homeward, Ray
Episode 10: Take Two
Episode 11: Citizen Ghost
Episode 12: Janine’s Genie
Episode 13: Xmas Marks the Spot

Photo Source: Sony Pictures (Episode, “Take Two”)

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