Extreme Episode Review: Back In The Saddle Part 2


This past Friday I wrote my review (Ecto-Containment Blog Post: February 17, 2017) for the  Extreme Ghostbusters episode, Back In The Saddle Pt. 1.

I actually began reviewing Back In The Saddle Pt. 2 on the same day. Without the ability to jump into earlier time zones, I would have to get back to it. Today I spent a lot of it reviewing and preparing the screen caps for Ecto-Containment. After what feels like an entire weekends worth of reviewing both Back In The Saddle episodes, I feel accomplished.

Thank you to ghostheads who take way less time than it took me to write and prepare the reviews for reading and hopefully enjoying what I’ve done.

Unofficial Synopsis:

The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters continue working together to defeat something that’s referred to as the entity when they’re Back In The Saddle, Part 2!

Source: Screencap from episodes that once aired on Toon Disney.


Extreme Episode Review: Back In The Saddle Part 1


Recently I was beginning to get around to a site update for Ghostbusters International. In my mind it made sense to do “this” before “that.” The first of a few Ghostbusters reviews for the sites is an Extreme Ghostbusters review.

As a ghosthead since 1984 and growing up with The Real Ghostbusters arguably the best episodes of Extreme Ghostbusters were when the original/Real Ghostbusters got together for a party. Along with somewhat unexpected, suppose to be brief ‘bustin action.

Since ghosts don’t care about passing the torch The Real Ghostbusters team up with the Extreme Ghostbusters in the two parter Back In The Saddle.

I’ve only reviewed Back In The Saddle Pt. 1. I’ll be working on Pt. 2 (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, February 19, 2017) next.

Source: Screencap from episodes that once aired on Toon Disney.

Episode Review: Slimer, Come Home


Personal events during recent Septembers had me feeling like it would have been too personal to review The Real Ghostbusters first season episode, Slimer, Come Home. After re-watching episode 4 yesterday and being reminded its a children’s cartoon, it might have been okay.

I didn’t plan it this way last week, by reviewing Troll Bridge, then coming back to Slimer, Come Home I reviewed an episode 30 years later from its original air date. It might be a really long time before this ever happens again. Or sometime in November.

This week The Real Ghostbusters are having a busy week dealing with poltergeists and making big party plans for Winston’s birthday. If The Real Ghostbusters didn’t have enough to do, Slimer takes off, (not for his spin off show…yet) and needs some help from the team.

Will Slimer, Come Home?

Source: Volume 1, Disc 1

Episode Review: Troll Bridge


Six years ago next week became one of the hardest and saddest times in my life. Last year in this week a different hard and sad time in my life began.

This year with The Real Ghostbusters 30th anniversary at times would like to watch and review episodes in order. That episode this time around would have been Slimer, Come Home. In my head it felt like it’d be sad for me, maybe a little much. I want to go back to episode 4 from season 1 soon as I’m up to it.

Today I preferred to watch the next memorable episode, dealing with trolls in NYC. How will The Real Ghostbusters handle them if they can’t exactly use their proton throwers?

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The Real Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary


30 years ago today The Real Ghostbusters aired to the delight of ghostheads. Episode 1, the infamous Ghosts ‘ R Us is somewhat of a origin story and in 21 minutes explains why they’re The Real Ghostbusters!

For 7 seasons our animated Ghostbustin’ heroes went on adventures (along with originally that green guy) 6 days a week. The guys couldn’t do it alone. Janine not only ran the office, (equipment not standard at other offices) when the need arose was a Ghostbuster in her own right. With animated business mostly good on and off screen Louis would join the team to handle the fictional records. And continue practicing his Ghostbusters skills.

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Episode Review: Ain’t NASA-sarily So


This week officially marked the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. The iconic science fiction show was entering adulthood when The Real Ghostbusters was still in its infancy. Thirty years later, The Real Ghostbusters is pretty much as beloved as Star Trek.

On November 17, 1987 episode 24, Ain’t NASA-sarily So aired. Written by Craig Miller and Mark Nelson, it directly referenced Star Trek in fun ways.

Unless you were already a Trekkie/Trekker or knew someone in your family, most the references went out into space. That was the certainly the case of me, as I was 9 years old. I was probably aware of Star Trek, I knew very little about it. It would be about a year or so before I would have watched a Star Trek movie. It wouldn’t be until 1993 where I was able to watch my first complete Star Trek series on a weekly basis. I was well into adulthood when I watched the original series in order.

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Episode Review: Flip Side


Before Ghostbusters (2016) US release date I thought for fun and a “wink and nod” kind of thing I would review a The Real Ghostbusters episode that could relate to this new Ghostbusters movie. Part of that thinking would have honored an animated Janine who was a Real Ghostbuster when she needed to be. I also thought to review Copycat because of its title and a part where the ghost copies the “no ghost” logo. I also could have reviewed Extreme Ghostbusters final episodes, Back In The Saddle. Either and more episodes from The Real Ghostbusters would have worked.

Then it did “pop in there.” Ghostbusters (2016) marketing (it was in the trailer) has a scene  with one of the new Ghostbusters characters kinda just at a place with a wig on, which at least startles another new Ghostbuster. I remembered a slightly different scene from Flip Side, an episode of The Real Ghostbusters I saw for the first time when I was 10. And I’ve also been wanting to re-watch the episode.


Investigating a bizarre tornado in Central Park, the Ghostbusters are tossed into another dimension, a strange place that is the exact opposite of New York City. In a world populated by ghosts, the heroes must evade capture by their own ghostly counterparts, the human hunting Peoplebusters!

See The Real Ghostbusters on the Flip Side!

Source: Volume 3, Disc 5