The Real Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary


30 years ago today The Real Ghostbusters aired to the delight of ghostheads. Episode 1, the infamous Ghosts ‘ R Us is somewhat of a origin story and in 21 minutes explains why they’re The Real Ghostbusters!

For 7 seasons our animated Ghostbustin’ heroes went on adventures (along with originally that green guy) 6 days a week. The guys couldn’t do it alone. Janine not only ran the office, (equipment not standard at other offices) when the need arose was a Ghostbuster in her own right. With animated business mostly good on and off screen Louis would join the team to handle the fictional records. And continue practicing his Ghostbusters skills.


For at least the last 6 years my Ghostbusters associates and myself collaborated when necessary to bring years of The Real Ghostbusters history and memories back to the present.

It began with 6, (then later, 7) The Real Ghostbusters Magazines. (Ghostbusters Firehouse) Followed by many, but not all Kenner The Real Ghostbusters toys. Then and now a lot of The Real Ghostbusters comics. (Ghostbusters Firehouse) Along with a real The Real Ghostbusters Jumbo Coloring Book. (Ghostbusters Firehouse PDF)

Through the years I’ve slowly reviewed episodes from The Real Ghostbusters, including its promo. Along with episodes, sometimes favorites from season 1, season 2, season 3, season 4, and season 5.

When their wasn’t an episode review, I wrote articles about a The Real Ghostbusters game, gum, cereal, (GBI) toothpaste, watches, and costumes to name more then a few.


Happy 30th Anniversary The Real Ghostbusters!


  • TimeLife The Real Ghostbusters Complete Series Volume 1, Disc 1

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