Extreme Episode Review: Back In The Saddle Part 1


Recently I was beginning to get around to a site update for Ghostbusters International. In my mind it made sense to do “this” before “that.” The first of a few Ghostbusters reviews for the sites is an Extreme Ghostbusters review.

As a ghosthead since 1984 and growing up with The Real Ghostbusters arguably the best episodes of Extreme Ghostbusters were when the original/Real Ghostbusters got together for a party. Along with somewhat unexpected, suppose to be brief ‘bustin action.

Since ghosts don’t care about passing the torch The Real Ghostbusters team up with the Extreme Ghostbusters in the two parter Back In The Saddle.

I’ve only reviewed Back In The Saddle Pt. 1. I’ll be working on Pt. 2 (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, February 19, 2017) next.

Source: Screencap from episodes that once aired on Toon Disney.

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