Episode Review: Partners In Slime


Last week I couldn’t write a review for THE follow up episode to GHOSTBUSTERS II. Which was a bit of a bummer. After writing a review for Something’s Going Around (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, June 19, 2016) I was a little conflicted. Ghostbusters II will always be special to me. Not just because of the movie. It was the experience, and because of who I saw it with in theaters…on Friday, November 3, 1989.

I wrote my review last week like I could get a doctorate from it. I would do no less for Partners In Slime. I didn’t know if I would this month or for early November. I hadn’t seen Partners In Slime in a long time. To celebrate both Ghostbusters II and The Real Ghostbusters I wouldn’t have wanted to wait until November.

A review also didn’t have to be done today. It is for all the right reasons.


Partners In Slime used Ghostbusters II major “mood slime” story as a plot device (for a sophisticated children’s cartoon) and references Ghostbusters II.

An overstuffed ghost named Poso wishes to become the ghostfather of all ghosts. He kidnaps Janine and Louis and as ransom for their release, he demands that the Ghostbusters turn over their headquarters and their ghostbusting equipment.

The Real Ghostbusters become Partners In Slime, working together to give Poso the business.

Source: Volume 4, Disc 2


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