Episode Review: Flip Side


Before Ghostbusters (2016) US release date I thought for fun and a “wink and nod” kind of thing I would review a The Real Ghostbusters episode that could relate to this new Ghostbusters movie. Part of that thinking would have honored an animated Janine who was a Real Ghostbuster when she needed to be. I also thought to review Copycat because of its title and a part where the ghost copies the “no ghost” logo. I also could have reviewed Extreme Ghostbusters final episodes, Back In The Saddle. Either and more episodes from The Real Ghostbusters would have worked.

Then it did “pop in there.” Ghostbusters (2016) marketing (it was in the trailer) has a scene  with one of the new Ghostbusters characters kinda just at a place with a wig on, which at least startles another new Ghostbuster. I remembered a slightly different scene from Flip Side, an episode of The Real Ghostbusters I saw for the first time when I was 10. And I’ve also been wanting to re-watch the episode.


Investigating a bizarre tornado in Central Park, the Ghostbusters are tossed into another dimension, a strange place that is the exact opposite of New York City. In a world populated by ghosts, the heroes must evade capture by their own ghostly counterparts, the human hunting Peoplebusters!

See The Real Ghostbusters on the Flip Side!

Source: Volume 3, Disc 5


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