Ghostbusters Limited Edition Loot Crate


In May the box subscription service  Loot Crate announced a new Limited Edition Crate. One that would celebrate the Ghostbusters film franchise for both the 20 and 21 centuries. With Ghostbusters (2016) on the horizon from Columbia Pictures, a Sony Pictures Entertainment company, new and “classic” merchandise could mean an all Ghostbusters crate was indeed possible.

Last month around Ghostbusters 32 anniversary ghostheads were able to place their orders. Personally I don’t subscribe to any subscription box services. For a limited edition all Ghostbusters collectibles, I wouldn’t normally need to give buying  a second thought. I did as with Ghostbusters (2016) being the shiny new Ghostbusters movie I knew their could be more Ghostbusters (2016) collectibles then GHOSTBUSTERS ones.

I decided if their was one or more items I didn’t want I could sell hopefully for a small profit. I took a plunge into a river of Ghostbusters collectible. Which shipped in early July and arrived from California a little earlier this week.

Before I talk about the items and show 22 additional photos I will provide the following:

Handy Disclaimer

If you ordered this Limited Edition Loot Crate and either haven’t received your order yet and would like the element of surprise to have your own enjoyment, you may want to read my reviews of other Ghostbusters collectibles. They can be found under iRich.

Possible spoilers ahead.


The afternoon the package arrived (not in a separate brown box) I thought the shape might be somewhat based on photos I’ve seen of some of the new Ghostbusters (2016) props. That is most likely coincidental as the curved part contains apparel, accessories, and a clue about an extra.


After opening the side, we’re asked Who You Gonna Call? If my order is at least complete, nobody at a Ghostbusters corporate level.

The curved part contains a Ghostbusters (2016) uniform T-Shirt from Loot Crate Labs. Beneath is a Ghostbusters “no ghost” logo door mat. This is the first I even knew that someone who can make those kinds of decisions felt ghostheads would want a Ghostbusters doormat. And so they produced them.

I was more surprised to see a Ghostbusters Proton Pack design beginning to emerge.

I figured that the exclusive T-Shirt would be from Ghostbusters (2016). I’m not surprised its a uniform design. I would have preferred a graphic based more on characters and/or a scene from the movie.

As you can see my shirt is XXL. I haven’t tried it on yet. The t-shirt while lite weight seems like one would have to be model skinny to wear it comfortably. As for the quality of my shirt, it seems like at the end of one of the gray stripes their was a ink blotch. For the overall price it is a little disappointing. Not enough for me to return it to the other side of the United States.

I like that the “no ghost” logo is actually just on the sleeve and not also on the front like the previous Ghostbusters uniform T-Shirts.

Before I opened the other side of the box I began to see and could remove 2 more items. The first, a Ghostbusters (2016) Limited Edition Crate Enamel Pin. As a ghosthead since 1984 and one of how many people that like classic cars it was easy to judge the new screen used ECTO-1. Which yeah could have been called something else. As Ghostbusters (2016) developed and I saw more photos of the 80s Caddy I was okay with it. I might have felt differently if I had seen it in NYC last September. I’m not sure if I will use it.

I didn’t know Loot Crate had a check list at the bottom of the box. It seemed odd they included similar straps as the ones that came with my Kenner packs three decades ago. I thought their was a collectible that needed a “handle.” I hadn’t put 2 and 2 together yet.


Opening the box more reveals most of a Ghostbusters Proton Pack with slime on it. It could have been cool if the “slime” was more realistic. Made from a greenish glue. It wouldn’t be cool if the glue melted onto the collectibles during shipping.


Similar to the Ghostbusters (2016) ECTO-1 I wasn’t sold on the design of the Ghostbusters (2016) Proton Pack. Until I saw more photos and learned some of the science that most likely influenced the function. In a different way from the ’80s I’m interested to see how the 2016 equipment evolved and “works.”

Loot Crate Labs with Chronicle Collectibles made a Ghostbusters (2016) Proton Pack which can be displayed on its clear stand. I’m not sure if its removable as I haven’t opened it or read reviews.

One would have to figure no limited edition Ghostbusters subscription would be complete without a vinyl CLASS V full roaming vapor! Except it isn’t roaming anywhere as its a collectible and has a happy look as its “trapped” in a box.

Slimer was made from Titan Merchandise and glows in the dark. Which makes sense, fictional ghosts seem to do that. I haven’t tried to see if it will glow.

Finally we come to the one and only (I’m guessing) Ghostbusters logo doormat from QMx. Loot Crate refers to it as a Die-Cut Logo rug. Its an okay, if not different type of Ghostbusters item. I would have never thought to call a doormat a collectible.

Either somewhere in the printing process or possibly from packaging some of the red in the “no logo” isn’t complete. As you might be able to tell its at where the doormat was folded. Hopefully this isn’t the case with most of them. As its a doormat where it would be stepped on anyway, it wouldn’t be a potential problem like the T-Shirt. If this item (or one that is similar) could be bought in stores I’d try to check the packages for one that was made better.

This is the check list Loot Crate provided. Its one of the nicer ones I’ve had. With its design of a used, slimey Ghost Trap. While I would agree “slime” is some kind of hazard. I’m not sure a Ghost Trap needs its label. Probably some current regulation from the EPA. No doubt enforced by the 3rd district.

Oh so that’s why Loot Crate provided two straps. The box is more collectible and usable then I knew or previously would have thought.


The last collectibles that are most likely easier to display are 2 Pre-Vis art prints from Sony Pictures. I figured before I had ordered this crate the art would be from Ghostbusters (2016). I guess its probably easier to just make a 100+ copies for the current Ghostbusters film then dig into the archives.

Opening the envelope revealed two different pieces of art from Ghostbusters (2016). The paper for the prints seems like good quality. I don’t usually collect prints or art work. Ghostbusters II saved me millions. If I were going to display them, I’d probably get some frames. Or pay for custom framing.

If you’ve seen the trailers for Ghostbusters (2016), TV spots, or read about the movie you’re probably somewhat familiar with the Pre-Vis art. The ghost woman hangs around I believe a museum. She doesn’t take too kindly to a conversation from one of the new Ghostbusters where the result is a lot of slime. Seems like too much slime. That in itself raises paranormal questions.

The second piece of art is a type of hand held um Proton Glove? Do I know anyone who works as a patent clerk? Its used in Ghostbusters (2016) going by the marketing successfully. It should never be used for high-fives. The warning label should definitely list that specifically.

My only nitpick with the art is the 2 pieces are only from Ghostbusters (2016). How great would have it been if their was a piece of art also from Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II?

With all the collectibles accounted for and the box empty we get full views of Loot Crate’s cool cardboard box Proton Pack. Even without the list, seeing the “A.L.I.C.E frame” without straps, surely a green light bulb would have gone off!

According to Loot Crate if one wants to use the box as a pack, it can be done in three steps.

  1. Turn inside out.
  2. Punch out the holes.
  3. Insert the straps from the bottom.

Probably some Loot Crate collector will or has given this a try. By the way, no Neutrona Wand? I usually keep my collectible boxes…original. Used more for storage then a future investment opportunity.

I feel so funky.

I get why ghostheads were given more Ghostbusters (2016) items then from the original films. Personally, according to Loot Crate “celebrate all the busters” means (or could mean) collectibles from all three films. I’m a little disappointed Ghostbusters II didn’t get something a little more specific and iconic to its film. If Loot Crate had those kinds of collectibles I feel this Limited Edition Ghostbusters crate would have more value and meant more.


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