To help celebrate Ghostbusters legacy (and an upcoming movie, (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, January 2, 2020) Printed In Blood is producing the above Ghostbusters Artbook. Printed in Blood is proud to present Ghostbusters: Artbook—an exclusive, fully illustrated celebration of the iconic film franchise, featuring hundreds of unique art pieces from creators all over the world. Celebrating the legacy of the pop culture classic, Ghostbusters, this deluxe, hardcover art book features an ectoplasmic jackpot… Read More

In May the box subscription service  Loot Crate announced a new Limited Edition Crate. One that would celebrate the Ghostbusters film franchise for both the 20 and 21 centuries. With Ghostbusters (2016) on the horizon from Columbia Pictures, a Sony Pictures Entertainment company, new and “classic” merchandise could mean an all Ghostbusters crate was indeed possible. Last month around Ghostbusters 32 anniversary ghostheads were able to place their orders. Personally I don’t subscribe to any subscription box… Read More

Last August mobile gaming company Beeline brought ghostheads, Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, August 20, 2015) Earlier this month a couple of the artists, Joel Hartman and Dan Francis shared their Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter art through their respective sites. Sources: Ghostbusters News Joel Hartman Dan Francis Beeline

Calgary artists Jackson Gee and Ross Hughes created this piece of The Real Ghostbusters art. It feels like his inspiration came of course from the series with a mix of comic art from Legion which was penciled by Steve Kurth and inked by Serge LaPointe. Original website text in French. Here’s what Jackson said about the piece: The Sandman was kinda scary. This cartoon was one of my faves of all time. Pen and… Read More

Naturally on an important day for Ecto-Containment (because its about me :p) a Kenner and The Real Ghostbusters collectible surfaces. As Kenner held the license (would be cool to see that contract on-line) for basically every Ghostbusters toy of the era (just about would never happen today) and Ghostbusters II brought us a new vehicle (ECTO-1A) and equipment (Slime Blower) Kenner had the opportunity to design/update their ECTO-1. As I’ve previously written about Kenner’s… Read More