Kenner ECTO-1A Original Box Artwork

Naturally on an important day for Ecto-Containment (because its about me :p) a Kenner and The Real Ghostbusters collectible surfaces. As Kenner held the license (would be cool to see that contract on-line) for basically every Ghostbusters toy of the era (just about would never happen today) and Ghostbusters II brought us a new vehicle (ECTO-1A) and equipment (Slime Blower) Kenner had the opportunity to design/update their ECTO-1.

As I’ve previously written about Kenner’s ECTO-1A is their ECTO-1 with new stickers. Something that bothered me if I thought too much about it at 12 years old. I’ve come to understand as an adult it might have been a financial drain for Kenner to design part of the new roof equipment. It wasn’t like the toys were suppose to be movie accurate. They’re toys, not the mostly over $100 USD collectibles we’ve had since.


Even if ECTO-1A had excessive new decals, it was a new product and new packaging requires art. I might have bought just a cardboard box back then that read “New Ghostbusters toy.” Adults won’t, as Kenner knew a lot better then me, their talented and creative associates came up with the above art/copy for the front of the box.

I think if the 86% of my brain dedicated to Ghostbusters remembers, this artwork was for sale on eBay during the late 20th Century. Most ghostheads haven’t seen it since, now in the twenty teens thanks to Kenner Collector‘s Dan Flarida, he’s written and posted detailed photos of this ECTO-1A original box artwork.

Photo Source: Kenner Collector


2 thoughts on “Kenner ECTO-1A Original Box Artwork

  1. For the ECTO-1A’s roof rack equipment, I used:

    –Parts from the Trendmasters “Extreme Ghostbusters” ECTO-1 (specifically, the radio dish, the front light tube, and a couple of other roof gizmos)

    –A small part of an old Proton Stream that had been chopped up for Ghostpopper ammo. I covered it with duct tape and ran 1) a Ghost Trap hose and 2) a shoestring through it. This went on the back as that big-ass compressed-air tank. (Then I remembered that the air tank DOESN’T HAVE tubes running out of it…What are you going to do, slime me? 😉 )

    –The LED boards came from a basswood stick I bought at Hobby Lobby. I painted ’em black with red, green, and yellow text, and they stick onto the car with industrial-strength Velcro, so you can swap ’em out and change the messages. A little bit of 3M SteriSpore tape completes the illusion.

    –The big, multicolored light-box behind the radio dish is a safety-flasher from Walgreen’s. It only does red, but suits my purpose fine.

    –The light bars use Christmas-themed magnetic flasher-pins from Walgreen’s. The magnetic plates are glued onto a basswood strip, which is in turn held on with Velcro.

    It’s not screen accurate, and it no longer fits through the Firehouse doors, but it suits my purpose just fine.


    • Thanks Nicholas for giving a run down on how to mod a Kenner ECTO-1A into a more “screen accurate” version. Do you have a picture you can post?

      I don’t think pictures can be posted in the comments. Of course their are our Facebook accounts.


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