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Internal Kenner Ecto-1 Photo Print

Before their could ever be a The Real Ghostbusters version of ECTO-1 from Kenner, their had to be a prototype and approval from guys in casual apparel. An internal photo print of said prototype was posted by the Facebook group, Ghostbusters Incorporated Worldwide. This… Continue Reading “Internal Kenner Ecto-1 Photo Print”

Kenner ECTO-1A Original Box Artwork

Naturally on an important day for Ecto-Containment (because its about me :p) a Kenner and The Real Ghostbusters collectible surfaces. As Kenner held the license (would be cool to see that contract on-line) for basically every Ghostbusters toy of the era (just about would… Continue Reading “Kenner ECTO-1A Original Box Artwork”

Can You Tell Me How To Get To Kenner St?

Dan Flarida at Kenner Collector has a great post looking at the origins of Kenner, the toy company. As part of their Kenner Collector’s Kenner Tour of Cincinnati feature. Without toy history knowledge or some “internet encyclopedia site” most of us wouldn’t know that… Continue Reading “Can You Tell Me How To Get To Kenner St?”

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