More Ecto-Containment

If you were on Facebook (become my friend) yesterday evening/last night or Twitter (become a follower) you were witness to the cluster fudge that was a necessary attempt to transfer ectocontainment dot com fully into Word Press. Automatic rising hosting costs from 1&1 and changes in my web hosting needs necessitated integrating Ectocontainment by the first week of February.

I had been wanting to get to it before the weekend, life around snow storms named after Greek gods put some things on hold. I suppose I could have done this tomorrow, late in Saturday afternoon seemed just perfect. 😀 I was under the impression that WP did all the hard, technical work. If I had taken 30 more seconds to read my part I would have known before posting to social media that I had to press some buttons and manually update “techy stuff” through 1&1. Most of went it smooth until 1&1 servers weren’t playing nice with Word Press. While I knew the transfer might take up to a few hours, it hadn’t worked (I don’t know if it was because its a weekend) and my 1&1 admin panel read in a red text that their was an error with the transfer.

During part of this time the site was down and I tried some workarounds. The WordPress version of the site was never accessible through ectocontainment dot com. Once I fixed something, the site could be accessed from Last night I cancelled the original transfer (at least through WordPress) and decided to go to “plan B,” a new domain name with WordPress.

I thought about bringing back an old Ghostbusters site name of mine mostly for the URL. It would have meant “re-branding” and it isn’t necessary. The solution has been there this entire time, Ecto-Containment. In the universe of Ghostbusters, just about anything ecto is followed by a hyphen.

Now instead of just a redirect, the entire site is part of Eventually I’ll purchase a space upgrade. It isn’t necessary early in 2014.

Also because of the botched transfer, I can no longer receive email at my former spengs @ ectocontainment dot com email address. If its necessary to email me, which should be just about 0.01% of the time, my Ecto-Containment email address is:

Social media links remain the same and information has been updated to reflect the new domain name and email address.


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