30th Anniversary: Ghostbusters Movie Media


Over on my collecting blog/site, iRich I’ve written (moved to Ecto-Containment) a “30th Anniversary” post about my Ghostbusters media (format) collection. Originally I didn’t know if writing about old media could be that interesting. It brought back a lot of memories others can certainly relate to, even if its not about Ghostbusters. It also took me about three days to prepare and write.

Throughout Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary (which could be any day during 2014) if I write a collecting post that’s more Ghostbusters related then The Real Ghostbusters related, it can be found at Rich Collectibles. I’ll try not to wait almost two weeks to talk about it on Ecto-Containment.

If you’re interested in my other aspects of Ghostbusters collecting (and talking about Ghostbusters) I’ve written about how I became an ghosthead, the franchise I’m apart of, the Ghostbusters costume/uniform I’m putting together, and from 2013 and now 2014 toys/toy prop reviews which have been extensively written about and documented through Ecto-Containment.


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