Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter Has Been Unleashed

 gbpuzospeter gbpuzosray gbpuzosegon gbpuzoswinston gbpuzosjanine

Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter from Beeline is available today for your respective iOS mobile device. Coming at a later date for Android mobile devices.

Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter

The denizens of the Netherworld are massing in New York and threatening to take over the world. Mysterious portals are popping up all over the city, spawning long forgotten Ghostbuster enemies onto the streets. Build your own squad of Ghostbusters and test your skills in this heart-pounding puzzle battle game featuring all your favorite characters from the world of Ghostbusters! Level up your busters and battle across multiple modes of play in the most advanced match-three puzzle game in this life or the next.

gbpuzoslimer gbpuzosgozer gbpuzosvigo


gbpuzscreenegon gbpuzscreencards gbpuzscreenradar

gbpuzscreengameplay gbpuzscreenfight


Sources: Beeline


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