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Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter Art

Last August mobile gaming company Beeline brought ghostheads, Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, August 20, 2015) Earlier this month a couple of the artists, Joel Hartman and Dan Francis shared their Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter art through their respective sites. Sources: Ghostbusters News Joel Hartman Dan Francis Beeline

Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter Has Been Unleashed

      Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter from Beeline is available today for your respective iOS mobile device. Coming at a later date for Android mobile devices. Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter The denizens of the Netherworld are massing in New York and threatening to take over the world. Mysterious… Continue Reading “Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter Has Been Unleashed”

Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter For Mobile Devices

Beeline who previously brought ghostheads a Ghostbusters mobile game will be launching an all new Ghostbusters mobile game this week. Get ready for Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter.

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