Zoobe Messaging Adds Ghostbusters Content


Earlier today I saw one of my ghosthead friends post a short animation of Slimer. Slimer “spoke,” with original dialogue about our Ghostbusters franchise site. I didn’t know originally it was part of an animated message app called Zoobe. Honestly I hadn’t previously heard of this particular app.

Because of the Ghostbusters content, quite a few ghostheads were trying it out and sharing video. By this evening after eating a little like Slimer would, if he was real I wanted to try the Zoobe app and see what was going on. I shared a few of my Slimer videos on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re not familiar, the Zoobe app has licensed and more original characters. They’re part of these animated scenes you help create by recording your voice. You can even change the pitch after recording. Somewhere in the range of low, (deep voice) off, (normal voice) and high. (Chipmunk voice)

Plenty of content is free, which includes the new Ghostbusters Slimer! “scenes.” Their are other (currently non Ghostbusters related) characters that could require an in app store purchase. Age verification and the fact we weren’t born when man discovered fire shows when this certain content costs $0.99 USD.

The Scenes

zoobeslimer zoobeslimer2

The Slimer! content has the first of two scenes already downloaded to use. This “default” scene has Slimer eating (naturally) in Janine’s office at the Firehouse. The second scene (which needs to be manually downloaded) has Slimer floating about in The City while its raining. He has just come from a nearby chicken place and has his bucket of knock off Kentucky Fried Chicken ready to go.

Zoobe’s creativity doesn’t limit users from only using the ‘still’ background images. You can allow Zoobe to access your photos. I haven’t tried any photos outside of what Zoobe provides. Ghostheads have already tried images for example from Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

Voice Over/Shooting The Scene

Once you’ve chosen the Slimer scene you prefer in the moment, their is a mic/record button. During the first recording session you will probably have to authorize Zoobe to use your smart phone’s mic. Once you press the mic/record icon you have up to 30 seconds to record a message. When you’re happy with the results (changing pitch comes after initial recording) you can save to share in a variety of ways. Including 30 year old technology (email) or straight to social media.

I think regardless of the length of recording with the happier Slimer at the office, the animation remains the same. I didn’t see a difference. Depending on the length of the somewhat sad, less “zippy” Slimer, he might have to take a longer route back to HQ. 😀


I’ve made just about a handful of recordings. Between the animation, what I said, and the pitch I was entertained. It made me laugh. That’s kinda the point. It would be nice if Slimer had a specific pitch from your own voice. Totally understandable why no entertainment software company could get that kind of pin point accuracy.

  1. Slimer plugs ecto-containment.com.
  2. Slimer talking about his dinner and evening plans.

For a free app that has more then just Ghostbusters content Zoobe is worth checking out. Zoobe teased us with this on their web site:


Imagine the possibilities.

Zoobe, the character voice message app is available for iOS and Android devices.



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