This is a pleasant and unexpected surprise. While I’ve been working on 28 year old Ghostbusters II food campaigns (Ecto-Containment Tag) Netflix (US) has added 5 seasons of The Real Ghostbusters to stream for at least US, CA, UK, and AUS subscribers. The Real Ghostbusters ran for 7 seasons on both Saturday mornings and usually weekly syndication between 1986-1991. I’m not sure why for example Netflix has 78 episodes under season 1. Also for… Read More

I had been wanting to review a new episode of The Real Ghostbusters. After seeing Sony’s Crackle site (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, October 21, 2015) had episodes from season 1 to stream, it provided a bit of motivation. Most likely because of a call back to Ghostbusters that episode with Walter Peck came to mind. Season 3, Episode 11, Big Trouble With Little Slimer is the only episode of The Real Ghostbusters to follow up with… Read More

Last month around April 13, 2012 a Ghostbusters fan, (HandSolo) shared his discovery of the animated version of the “Belt Gizmo.” A piece of Ghostbusting equipment that’s always been part of the uniform, we’ve never known its function. That wasn’t good enough for the creative behind The Real Ghostbusters. When a story or script called for it, they gave a couple of functions to the Belt Gizmo. In the season 1 episode… Read More

The second Kenner toy I wrote about was the Ghost Nabber. Although I knew it was based on the Ghost Sniffer from Ghostbusters and had been drawn as the Ghost Detector for The Real Ghostbusters, I didn’t know off hand (and I hadn’t researched it yet at the time) if the Ghost Detector had ever been used during the series. Last time I saw an episode with the Ghost Detector in it… Read More