Equipment: Ghost Detector

The second Kenner toy I wrote about was the Ghost Nabber. Although I knew it was based on the Ghost Sniffer from Ghostbusters and had been drawn as the Ghost Detector for The Real Ghostbusters, I didn’t know off hand (and I hadn’t researched it yet at the time) if the Ghost Detector had ever been used during the series. Last time I saw an episode with the Ghost Detector in it was Take Two in 2005.

Recently Ghostbusters fan Midcoast Ghostbuster clued me in that the Ghost Detector had indeed been apart of The Real Ghostbusters and proceeded to give me some information. I also heard from Ghostbusters fan Matthew (devilmanozzy) who runs the Ghostbusters Wiki about the Ghost Detector and the Wiki’s page about it.

The not as popular piece of ghostbusting equipment was seen and/or used three times during The Real Ghostbusters. It was first seen as a prop in Take Two, the season one episode where The (Real) Ghostbusters movie was being made. It was really used during the season 3 episode (“guest starring” Walter Peck) Big Trouble With Little Slimer.

With this recent information to me I’ve added a Ghost Detector equipment page to Ectocontainment and updated the Kenner Ghost Nabber write up.

Post Update: With Ecto-Containment’s evolution to an overall Ghostbusters web site, their isn’t a separate RGBs page for equipment from the series. Equipment like the Ghost Detector would be part of a “It’s Technical” part of an episode review.


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