The Real Ghostbusters Equipment: Ghost Tether

When I wrote about the Ghost Grab-A-Meter on February 15, 2012 I shared an opinion about how Kenner only had one toy that tied into Ghostbusters II. And that the Ghost Grab-A-Meter reminded me of two pieces of equipment from Ghostbusters II. What I didn’t remember then or yesterday when sharing its instructions because I … More The Real Ghostbusters Equipment: Ghost Tether

Equipment: Belt Gizmo

Last month around April 13, 2012 a Ghostbusters fan, (HandSolo) shared his discovery of the animated version of the “Belt Gizmo.” A piece of Ghostbusting equipment that’s always been part of the uniform, we’ve never known its function. That wasn’t good enough for the creative behind The Real Ghostbusters. When a story or script called … More Equipment: Belt Gizmo