Custom Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Figures & ECTO-1


In May 2014 ghosthead tw1478 posted at Ghostbusters Fans about his custom The Real Ghostbusters figures and ECTO-1. Molds were made of the figures for more and multiple customs!


Other variants include The Real Ghostbusters hero figures from Kenner‘s  Slimed Heroes, GhostbustersGhostbusters II/Power Pack Heroes, and Citizen Ghost.


Custom work was also done to The Real Ghostbusters equipment.


The next project was tw1478’s Kenner ECTO-1 build.





As of the latest postings, custom The Real Ghostbusters slime blowers are being worked on.

To follow the build from the beginning, learn more about them, seeing more build and finished pictures, check out tw1478’s custom The Real Ghostbusters thread at Ghostbusters Fans and check out his photobucket album.

Photo Credits: tw1478


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