Brickin It Customs Lego Gozer Mini Figure


Australian based company Brickin It, who makes custom Lego mini figures is now selling a LEGO Gozer mini-fig!

It’s whatever it wants to be. – Egon.

The “destructor” figure from head-to-legs are brand new, reworked, and reprinted by Brickin It.

How’s the quality? Here’s a fan testimonial:


The quality of the printing is excellent, they apparently use the same technique LEGO uses to print their parts, and it shows, if I hadn’t of known I would have mistook if for an official LEGO minifigure. 

It comes in a cool little matchbox sizes box and also includes 2 transparent blue electricity pieces to use for her attacks.


The ‘Destructor’ can be bought from Brickn It for AUD $15. Which is approximately $13 USD.

What good is a LEGO Gozer min-fig without a Gatekeeper or Keymaster? They’re being worked on, Zooly is coming soon. Hopefully if LEGO makes an official Stay-Puft, we’ll see Gatekeeper, Keymaster, and Walter Peck mini figures.

Photo Source: Brickn It


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