LEGO Ideas Isn’t Moving Forward With Sergio’s Ghostbusters Firehouse


LEGO has announced the product or products they’ll be moving forward with from LEGO Ideas. Unfortunately, not that surprising they didn’t choose Sergio Herencias’ Ghostbusters Firehouse. (GB Inc. Blog Post) If we’re not getting Ghostbusters HQ yet, what will LEGO Idea will they make?

LEGO Ideas #011 WALL-E

Big congratulations to Angus MacLane who created this blocky version of everyone’s favorite hopelessly romantic robot. MacLane is a Pixar animator and director, who actually worked on the WALL-E film. He created the model during the WALL-E production, and submitted it to LEGO Ideas in hopes of it becoming a set. Your hopes and dreams for WALL-E have come true, as the creation will become the next LEGO Ideas product.

Getting an official Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse isn’t over until Lego Wall-E cleans up a world full of colored bricks.


Early in January I wrote more about Sergio Herencias project along with newcomer OnionPax Lego Ideas Ghostbusters Firehouse. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post)

From  ‘OnionPax’:

I would however like to ask you to support this project, because I believe it has a number of important advantages:

  • This is a smaller set (5704 bricks vs 2858 bricks), and as a result it should stand a better chance of passing the review stage.
  • Because it uses a lot less bricks, it will be a much less expensive set.
  • The building will fit in nicely with existing LEGO modular buildings. 
  • The interior more closely follows the interiors from the Ghostbusters movies.

Building the Ghostbusters Headquarters out of less bricks does require a smaller Ghostbusters car. Brent Waller’s Ghostbusters car unfortunately will not fit in the building (at least not without removing a part of the interior). If you support this project, please also support my Ecto-1/Ecto-1a project.

In my post I wrote how I couldn’t see Lego building a new, smaller Lego Ecto-1 just to work with an official Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse. Should this Ghostbusters Firehouse Lego Ideas project also have 10,000 supporters Lego would most likely work out the scale between Lego ECTO-1 and this Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse.


  • 407 Supporters
  • 206 Days Left

If you want your Ghostbusters mini figures to have a place to work and live out of, support Ghostbusters HQ Midscale version for a better LEGO tomorrow.

Photo Sources:

  • Sergio Herencias
  • OnionPax

2 thoughts on “LEGO Ideas Isn’t Moving Forward With Sergio’s Ghostbusters Firehouse

    • You’re welcome, thanks for visiting Ecto-Containment. 🙂 If I did, and you’d know better then most, it certainly wasn’t intentional. With posts at GB Inc. and Ecto-Containment I talked about both projects, which is why there are images from both projects and links.

      I’ll check this post again, to try to be sure.

      *edit* I made an general assumption that visitors would know the links that seemed like they could have been to the project were to my blog posts. Either way, I’ve added that possibly necessary information next to those two links. Hopefully that clears it up. 8)

      I do support your Ghostbusters LEGO Firehouse through the sites and LEGO Ideas. Whatever is to happen, hopefully LEGO is paying attention as Sergio’s Firehouse did have 10,000 Supporters.


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