New LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters Firehouse


Back in March with the then upcoming 30th Anniversary LEGO Ecto-1 on its way to retailers in June, Sergio, a ghosthead and custom LEGO builder created a LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ. (Ecto-Containment blog post) As the project is on LEGO Ideas the goal was for 10,000 ghostheads and/or LEGO fans to support the project. If it reaches 10,000 supporters, LEGO will review the project. Sergio’s Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ (LEGO Ideas) has met this requirement.

The downside of Sergio’s Ghostbusters firehouse is it seems ‘complex.’ With approximately 3,000 pieces LEGO might have to scale it back in someway. Which is why in part I’m more optimistic LEGO will give more consideration to LEGO ECTO-1 designer Brent Waller’s LEGO Stay-Puft. (LEGO Ideas)

Their may be a complexity solution. Sounds right. Ghosthead and custom LEGO builder ‘Mighty Maus’ already created a Ghostbusters Firehouse that uses less bricks and therefore would be less expensive. That’s economics!



From  ‘Mighty Maus’:

There already is a Ghostbusters HQ project which has reached 10.000 supporters. I would however like to ask you to support this project, because I believe it has a number of important advantages:

  • This is a smaller set (5704 bricks vs 2858 bricks), and as a result it should stand a better chance of passing the review stage.
  • Because it uses a lot less bricks, it will be a much less expensive set.
  • The building will fit in nicely with existing LEGO modular buildings. 
  • The interior more closely follows the interiors from the Ghostbusters movies.




More From  ‘Mighty Maus’:

Building the Ghostbusters Headquarters out of less bricks does require a smaller Ghostbusters car. Brent Waller’s Ghostbusters car unfortunately will not fit in the building (at least not without removing a part of the interior). If you support this project, please also support my Ecto-1/Ecto-1a project.

I can understand where Mighty Maus is coming from with his thinking and I certainly see what’s he officially trying to do. Unfortunately in a way I can’t see LEGO ever producing another ECTO-1, regardless of scale. Maybe in about 5 years ECTO-1A. If LEGO were to take Sergio’s version and Mighty’s version, make the best of both worlds with the redder brick (“That ought to do it.”) it would work with the only current and official Ghostbusters LEGO set we already have. Thanks Brent Waller and LEGO. 🙂


If Brent’s Stay-Puft is made, it would (or could) come with Walter Peck, Gatekeeper, and Keymaster mini figs. If Maus Firehouse set or some combination of both Ghostbusters firehouses get made, we would (or could) have a Janine and Louis mini figure.

LEGO should have a decision about “the” Ghostbusters Firehouse this September. Then we’ll know either way. Hopefully ghostheads and LEGO fans will have a pretty great Ghostbusters HQ with for now Stay-Puft to come.

360 Degree Video

 Support Ghostbusters LEGO Ideas
  1. Stay-Puft (Brent Waller)
  2. This Ghostbusters HQ (Mighty Maus)
  3. Ghostbusters HQ – Midscale Version (Onion Pax)

Photo Sources: ‘Mighty Maus’


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