Print Isn’t Dead, It Moved From The Basement To Upstairs


About two months ago as I was working on the Ghostbusters NYC website (also known for web site purposes as Ghostbusters Firehouse) I decided to begin moving the once scanned/current PDF files of Ghostbusters/The Real Ghostbusters reading material to Ghostbusters Firehouse for realism and to save space at Ecto-Containment.

Every smaller PDF file wasn’t complete in February. Something I hadn’t realized during most of the uploads. Naturally as is the case when one runs multiple web sites, that project had to be put on hold. I became busier with at least one other Ghostbusters “thing”, the franchise I’m part of, Ghostbusters NJ.

As I looked ahead to getting back to all the Ghostbusters sites I run it was Easter. Within a week I was preparing to go on vacation. I had a great time, thanks for asking. 🙂

Wouldn’t you know it, during that busy time of really needing a vacation when their seems to be a lot to do, Matthew Jordan made the time to pretty much finish making my larger PDF files smaller. 8) I knew I wouldn’t have time to get back to Ghostbusters Firehouse until after my vacation and I finished a major update for GBNJ.

As of tonight all 7 issues of The Real Ghostbusters Magazine, 38 issues of NOW Comics The Real Ghostbusters comics, 1 issue of Now Comics Slimer!, The Electric Company Magazine from September 1985, and The Real Ghostbusters jumbo coloring book have all been moved to Ghostbusters Firehouse.

They’re all part of The Magazine Rack. Catchy huh?


2 thoughts on “Print Isn’t Dead, It Moved From The Basement To Upstairs

    • Thanks and you’re welcome! Yeah I haven’t gotten back around to iRich yet. I was busy building Ghostbusters NYC/Firehouse, attending Ghostbusters related comic cons, around that decided to redesign Ghostbusters NJ, travel for Easter, then as it was around my birthday and my vacation, travel more, 🙂 and sometime after that finish the set of updates for GBNJ.

      I’m getting there! 8)

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