Ghostbusters II Liberty Crown Featured on A&E’s Shipping Wars


This week’s episode (titled Holy Horrible Voice, Batman!) of Shipping Wars featured Val Kilmer’s Batman cape….

Boring. lol With shipping that cape from the seller (who runs a movie prop rental business) was a rather large Ghostbusters II Statue of Liberty head/crown piece supposedly used in the making of Ghostbusters II. As is typical no “proof” was ever shown (that was a different show) about its authenticity. The crown even had a little ‘figure’ of Egon inside.

Todd and Tamara were ‘lucky’ enough to transport both pieces to the new owner. However, (if this wasn’t just for TV) the shoddy crate someone else built didn’t support the piece and along the way, Ms. Liberty fell over! On its face, breaking 4 “spikes” from the crown.

Throughout the episode their were Ghostbusters/II references. Another shipper, the oldest guy Mark did seem to get Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II mixed up. Which I suppose is “fine” since he kinda bashed Ghostbusters II anyway. :/

In the end the new owner and the shippers worked out a deduction so the family could have the crown fixed.

I guess he wasn’t ‘too’ mad as he let Tamara wear the cape worth $10,000 USD. After the jump, plenty of screen caps.

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swstatoflib4 swstatoflib10 swstatoflib3 swstatoflib11 swstatoflib12 swstatoflib13 swstatoflib14 swstatoflib15 swstatoflib16

The episode, Holy Horrible Voice, Batman! (Season 7, Episode 19) can be streamed through A&E’s website.

Photo Sources: A&E


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