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Print Isn’t Dead, Just Digitally Preserved

When Ghostbusters was celebrating its 24th anniversary I began to preserve out of print Ghostbusters content, adding it to then Ectocontainment. Trivia: I’m pretty sure it was The Real Ghostbusters Jumbo Coloring Book. (PDF file) I didn’t even have a physical copy of it! In 2011… Continue Reading “Print Isn’t Dead, Just Digitally Preserved”

Print Isn’t Dead, It Moved From The Basement To Upstairs

About two months ago as I was working on the Ghostbusters NYC website (also known for web site purposes as Ghostbusters Firehouse) I decided to begin moving the once scanned/current PDF files of Ghostbusters/The Real Ghostbusters reading material to Ghostbusters Firehouse for realism and to… Continue Reading “Print Isn’t Dead, It Moved From The Basement To Upstairs”

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