Party Time The Real Ghostbusters Plates


I was certainly the right age for both Ghostbusters Snack Pack (GB Inc. Blog Post) items and The Real Ghostbusters paper goods. Unless they weren’t sold at stores my parents would have shopped at or not available in mass quantities; I never had a Ghostbusters party using officially licensed paper goods. The only Ghostbusters food related paper items I can remember using were The Real Ghostbusters Hi-C lunch bags.

When I’m browsing that certain popular auction site and come across these types of items, it makes me feel at the least happy.

rgbspartyplatesclose rgbspartyplatesclose2

I can’t tell from these pictures if the license and company who produced these plates were Partytime or that’s what the brand was in general. Since C.A. Reed Inc. also produced RGBs paper goods. Either way, the art is pretty nice for the product. Kinda a shame to have had to get them dirty with pizza and later ice cream birthday cake. 🙂

If you’re interested in owning these sets of classic The Real Ghostbusters paper plates, they can be purchased for $25 USD from this eBay auction. Which ends on January 14, 2015.

Photos Source: Simpleguy (eBay seller)


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