Kenner Instructions: Ecto-1

The Kenner Ecto-1 has remained my favorite The Real Ghostbusters vehicle. Other adults can understand how I felt. The real Ecto-1, a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Ambulance/Hearse was one of the first classic cars I had ever seen. It was in a movie, it was “restored,” (I was 6, I didn’t know how the movie business worked) could take the Ghostbusters and their “real” equipment anywhere, and do just about anything. The original drafts made it seem like Ecto-1 had supernatural powers, similar to another movie car from a few years earlier. Maybe that’s part of the reason Ecto-1 in the The Real Ghostbusters could do anything the story called for. I didn’t really know that at 8, it was one reason I loved Ecto-1.

I’ve taken the original 6 page Ecto-1 Instructions, scanned them, and made them into 4 PNG/JPG files. I’ve also scanned and included the decal sheet.


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