Welcome To The New Ectocontainment

The week leading up to Halloween while waiting to spend “4 big ones” (minus a 0) on my car I had around 7 Halloween related updates planned. I only got to two of them, only one is even worth mentioning in this post. I may actually rewrite the other one because when I wrote it I was really tired. Regardless of the spectrum of writing the web design software I’ve been using since January of this year began to become error prone again. I don’t know if the program wasn’t meant to handle 100s of pages and related blog entries or my 4 year old iMac can’t process the information. Everything else I use my iMac for works the way it should usually. While having to re save, even though those updates were already published, it “unexpectedly quit” erasing the new updates. Between the error prone program, how some things are with the software, and hosting costs rising I decided I needed a hopefully better alternative. This is it.

Some of you may remember in the “Octo-containg” post I talked a little about my personal collecting blog. Which is also hosted through WordPress. I’m usually late to the party (yes I said that) with these things. If I realized how WP could help the site and myself I would have never purchased RapidWeaver. The only mention I’ll give them less then a year later.

Within a few days of October 31 I began manually rebuilding Ectocontainment, working on it as much as possible. Most of the site has been moved with 146 published pages. There are still two Kenner related pages to put up, all the Kenner (that I have) The Real Ghostbusters instructions, I still have to finish uploading The Real Ghostbusters Magazine PDF files, and I guess that one Now Slimer! comic. 😀  With Ectocontainment’s PDF files, particularly the magazine files they take a lot of time to upload. Right now only the Electric Company and The Real Ghostbusters Magazine – Summer ’89 are uploaded. As I have time (and hopefully web space) I’ll get the rest uploaded.

*Update* Thanks to Matthew Jordan, Ectocontainment associate and webmaster of the Ghostbusters Wiki he’s already been working to reduce the mega sizes of The Real Ghostbusters Magazine. It seemed like a good idea in 2008. :O

Speaking of web space I knew going into this version of Ectocontainment that I would need more. When its feasible I want to do two things, transfer the Ectocontainment domain and upgrade to a premium account. I also knew this month I would have to pay the quarterly web hosting. Which is a reason I need to wait. In the meantime I’m going to direct ectocontaintment.com to https://ectocontainment.wordpress.com.

I’ve organized the site hopefully for the better and eliminated redundancies that were probably necessary with Ectocontainment this year. If you’ve supported Ectocontainment through its ups and downs (which sometimes were my hardships) I appreciate it. I look forward to sharing more ectocontaining updates.

Afterthought: Yeah, I knew I’d forget something. I also want to rebuild the archives. I may not go all the way back to April 2011, as some of the posts during 2011 and 2012 had to do with the same content.


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