Matty Collector Ecto-Goggles Un-Boxed


On August 15, 2013 Mattel’s adult collector brand Matty Collector began selling their Ghostbusters™ movie style Ecto-Goggles™ to the rest of us. I ordered my pair and waited pretty patiently with other ghostheads across the United States and sometimes the world for them to arrive. I know I chose regular mail. Still I didn’t know why the tracking system Mattel’s shipping supplier uses only worked at the beginning.

I wasn’t sure at first if my chosen shipping method meant my delivery would take that much longer and tracking updates would be further delayed. Then I found out ghostheads who chose UPS experienced the same tracking issues with Mattel’s shipping supplier. When I found out a ghosthead one state away had received his on August 21 I figured mine would arrive the following day. And so it did! I trust my mailman, knew the package would be safe, and that is a reason I chose regular mail.

With my schedule and later on an unexpected traffic detour at a highway intersection I didn’t have much free time to “play” with my new Ecto-Goggles. Although other ghostheads have already shared pictures and videos I also wanted to share un-boxing pictures and videos.

More of a review may be posted in a separate update.

Photo Credit: Star shaped image free from PSD Graphics.


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