The Ghost Busters


Yes, you’re on the right sight, Ecto-Containment, a Ghostbusters site for ghostheads. Fans of what was Dan Ackroyd’s original vision of a supernatural comedy, then “grounded in reality” with the help of Harold Ramis, Ivan Reitman, and all those involved.

Eleven years before GHOSTBUSTERS was at your favorite theater The Ghost Busters was on your TV screen. I wouldn’t have known that as I was born when President Carter was nearing the end of his Presidency.

The Ghost Busters was a live action sitcom starring Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch. Bob Burns played Tracy, an intelligent Gorilla. I think I can honestly say I’ve never seen a complete episode of The Ghost Busters. Basically knowing that two guys and a Gorilla had been on TV and were kinda like Ghostbusters. Any preconceptions came long after I had seen GHOSTBUSTERS in theaters and was watching The Real Ghostbusters every week.

I grew up with the Ghostbusters franchise and chose it as “the” Ghostbusters over any competition it might have had. Including the animated GHOSTBUSTERS.


Most of us know by now that when Columbia Pictures wanted to make an animated series for Ghostbusters they couldn’t acquire the rights as they did with the blockbuster movie. It wouldn’t surprise me if Filmation. the studio behind The Ghost Busters either wanted too much money or decided to try to ride the wave of success that Ghostbusters was having. Without the rights, animated Ghostbusters became The Real Ghostbusters. “If my theory is correct…” that is the reason Ghosts ‘R Us is episode number one.

The Real Ghostbusters premiered on September 13, 1986 and ran for 7 seasons. A week before its success began, Filimation premiered their animated Ghostbusters series. Yep, Columbia Pictures was so scared. :p The animated Ghost Busters had 65 episodes and aired its last episode on December 5, 1986.

If you had asked me before yesterday I would have told you I vaguely remember that animated series. I didn’t remember if I had seen an episode. On Saturday, February 25, 2017 I decided to watch an episode and review it.

In recent years Wal-Mart had these $1 USD DVDs that were loose collections of both live action and animated shows. I bought “The Best Of The Ghost Busters” and an animated Dick Tracy. Which I also don’t think I had ever seen. I still haven’t opened that single $1 USD DVD.

I would have preferred to have reviewed the first episode. I’ll Be A Son Of A Ghostbuster. It isn’t on the disc. I guess it isn’t one of the best episodes. I watched, screen capped a little over 50 images, and wrote a review of episode 7, Mummy Dearest.

Mummy Dearest features what I think is the Ghost Busters “arch nemesis” Prime Evil. Who isn’t a ghost, yeah. There is a ghost mummy, a bat rat creature, a robot who doesn’t know 16 million languages, an environmental message I think, and a life lesson.

If you’re interested or enjoy The Ghost Busters/Ghost Busters, Ecto-Containment presents  for the first time a review of:


Source: The Best Of The Ghost Busters


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