Location: Oil Fields (Day) It Just Popped In There: Are those pyramids in the background? Even if an oil rich country is in a sorta desert climate, would the government really allow multiple mechanic oil drills? Hopefully some antiques counsel was able to preserve history beforehand. It Just Popped In There: Where did that mummy looking ghost and Thundercats like villain materialize from? Quotes: “Oil fields, source of most of the world’s… Read More

Yes, you’re on the right sight, Ecto-Containment, a Ghostbusters site for ghostheads. Fans of what was Dan Ackroyd’s original vision of a supernatural comedy, then “grounded in reality” with the help of Harold Ramis, Ivan Reitman, and all those involved. Eleven years before GHOSTBUSTERS was at your favorite theater The Ghost Busters was on your TV screen. I wouldn’t have known that as I was born when President Carter was nearing the… Read More