Ghost Busters Review: Mummy Dearest


Location: Oil Fields (Day)


It Just Popped In There: Are those pyramids in the background? Even if an oil rich country is in a sorta desert climate, would the government really allow multiple mechanic oil drills? Hopefully some antiques counsel was able to preserve history beforehand.

It Just Popped In There: Where did that mummy looking ghost and Thundercats like villain materialize from?


  • “Oil fields, source of most of the world’s power.” Prime Evil
  • [scratching head] “What kind of power?” – Airhead
  • “Oil you mummified moron. [static sound] Gasoline, fuel. Without it the earth would be helpless. No cars, no trucks, no trains would move. Imagine, the roads of the earth would be filled with automobiles. None of them would be moving!” – Prime Evil

It Just Popped In There: Was Prime Evil ever around humans before refined oil? The first car had only been invented about a century earlier. During the 19th century trains (and industry) used coal as a fuel source. Did he ever hear of electricity?

WAY LONG before any of that humans had other means of transportation. i.e horse power or well just walked. More like Secondary Evil.

(Not) Tobin’s Spirit Guide: 


Prime Evil

The primary villain is a wizard, although he appears to be a robot with an android-like human skull and garbed in flowing red robes. Prime Evil has many evil powers including the ability to shoot energy bolts from his fingers. Prime Evil’s minions often find themselves getting zapped when they do not succeed in stopping the Ghost Busters. He encounters the Ghost Busters in the first episode; however, they outsmarted him and they imprisoned him for 100 years until he escaped.

He went back in time to get his revenge. Prime Evil has a hard time saying “Ghost Busters” and will often refer to them as “Ghost Blisters”, “Ghost Buzzards”, “Ghost Brats”, “Ghost Bozos”, “Ghost Busting Goons” and “Ghost Bunglers”. Originally designed to resemble Mumm-Ra from the Thundercats.

Source: Wikipedia

(Not) Tobin’s Spirit Guide:



An overweight mummy ghost who is nothing but bandages. Airhead lives up to his name as he is not very smart. He often makes really bad jokes which amuse only himself. “Duh, Airhead make joke!”

Source: Wikipedia


“You shall stop the pumps from working. You will cut off the fuel supply to the well, making it weak enough for me to take over!” – Prime Evil

It Just Popped In There: I could believe Airhead could scare off the hard working oil workers. Actually cut off all the fuel supply? I don’t think so. Also does Prime robot mouth realize there is more then one oil field in the entire world? I’m starting to think he didn’t thoroughly think his plan through.


It Just Popped In There: Remind you of another very tall ghost we know?

Quote: “Yes, now you will frighten everyone off from the oil fields. Even the Ghost Busters!” – Prime Evil

It Just Popped In There: Unless I didn’t see an email on a Mac Plus, I’m pretty sure the Ghost Busters are no where near this oil field.

Location: Ghost Command (Day)



  • “Hey Jake, why don’t we say we see what’s on the tube?” – Eddie
  • “Fine by me.” – Jake
  • “Take it Fred.”- Eddie



It Just Popped In There: If the Ghost Busters had patents on an antique looking chair that can turn a skull shaped TV on for you and serve you popcorn, Jake wouldn’t have to seem bored.

Also, an intelligent ape that bust ghosts? Instead of laying around being bored, he might want to re-evaluate its life.

You’ll Need A Reference: The male news reporter has a similar voice and news reporting style as legendary news anchorman Walter Cronkite.



  • “We interrupt our program for a special bulletin from the Middle East. Where it is reported that a giant ghostly mummy is terrorizing the oil fields.” – Journalist
  • “Did he say ghostly?” – Jake
  • “Yeah, he said ghostly.” – Skelevision
  • “With a live report from the oil field here is reporter Jessica Wray.” – Ted
  • “Thank you Ted. Well as you can see it’s a scene of great turmoil at the world’s largest oil field. Even as I speak the oil workers are abandoning the oil fields in terror.”

Sorry, No Way I Missed It: As Jessica is reporting, the “camera” shows Airhead chasing the same two people. Animation like this was one of Filimation’s tricks to save money in their licensed properties.

It Just Popped In There: How did Jessica get to the Middle East so quickly? Today a non-stop flight from New York to Cairo would take at least 10 hours.

Location: Ghost Command: Skelevator (Day)


It’s Technical: The Ghost Busters use an intelligent Skelevator to transport them to where they change into their uniforms. There’s also a portable version when they’re away from home.

Location: Ghost Command: Ghost Buggy Jr. (Day)


You’ll Need A Reference For Suspension Of Belief:

Ghost Buggy, Jr. aka G.B.

The Ghost Busters’ Southern accent talking car that can assume many forms of transportation (including a train complete with graffiti on the sides), along with the ability to travel through time. Ghost Buggy is often found sleeping in Ghost command’s garage and gets annoyed when the Ghostbusters land on him. His face is the ghost shown in the series logo.

Source: Wikipedia

It Just Popped In There: As an adult a talking vintage car that can do all that seems more unrealistic then the sons of the TV Ghost Busters and an intelligent gorilla busting ghosts. Yes, ECTO-1 (original or real) could do just about whatever The Real Ghostbusters needed it to do. It wasn’t (mostly) from another dimension.

Location: In The Air, Somewhere Near The Middle East (Day)


It Just Popped In There: What they’re doing with a real aircraft seems really dangerous and unnecessary. How strong is that rope?

Location: Oil Fields (Sometime Later In The Day)



  • “Where did he go? He’s so huge, how can he hide?” – Eddie
  • “I don’t know. It’s quiet, too quiet.” – Jake
  • “Good, let’s go home.” – Jake
  • “No wait guy, my specter sniffing schnozzle senses a supernatural specter!” – Jake

It Just Popped In There: Say that 5x fast.

You’ll Need A Reference: Jake’s nose twitches when ghosts are nearby.


It’s Technical:

The Dematerializer:

The Ghost Busters’ main weapon, it shoots a beam that banishes ghosts to limbo, but does not always work (Prime Evil, for example, is too powerful to be affected, and while it works on Fangster, a werewolf, and Scared Stiff, a robot, it doesn’t work on vampires like Count Dracula himself or on a “voodoo monster” named Voodon seen in “The Bind That Ties”. It tends to get broken, preventing the Ghostbusters from achieving easy victory.

Ghost Pack

The standard equipment pack Jake and Eddie carry with their Ghost Busters Logo on it. It holds an amount of devices within it and also acts as a jetpack when needed. Tracy carries a larger version which includes the portable Transformation Chamber itself. The Ghost Packs replace the single “satchel” from the live-action series.

Source: Wikipedia


It Just Popped In There: If Jake couldn’t pick up his Dematerializer from the ground, why didn’t he activate his jet pack (yes I am typing this) to fly around Airhead and get his Dematerializer? Or as Jake was running he could have tried to get his Dematerializer or some other device.

Quote: “Lets go Ghost Busters!” [echoing]

It Just Popped In There: Does that phrase always produce an echo?


  • “He’s coming, let him have it Jake.” – Eddie
  • [while beginning to fire Dematerializer] “You’re busted, buster.” – Jake


It Just Popped In There: Why didn’t Eddie take out his Dematerializer? Is their only one of them? Once they knew Jake’s wasn’t working why didn’t Eddie or Tracy for that matter try something else?


I guess its funnier to run away and not really be in danger when an 8 year old is watching.

It Just Popped In There: Where has Prime “doesn’t think his plans through” Evil been this whole time?


  • “Nice work Tracy.” – Jake
  • “That won’t stop him for long Jake. What will we do now?” – Eddie
  • “Fix the Dematerializer and find Jessica. Maybe she’ll have more information for us.” – Jake

It Just Popped In There: What kind of information could she have that would help Ghost Busters stop an android wizard who can shoot electricity from its body? She’s no April ‘O Neil.

Location: Middle East City (Night)


It Just Popped In There/Not Politically Correct: Wow did Filmation use part of what I think most people would assume is stereotypical Arabian type music?

Location: Middle East City (Hotel Room)



  • “Do you think Prime Evil is behind this giant sized Airhead Jessica?” – Eddie
  • “I think its obvious Eddie. He’s already closed down several major oil fields by frightening off the workers.” – Jessica
  • “And the whole world needs oil for fuel.” – Jake
  • “Without it the Earth will be crippled and ready for Prime Evil’s conquest.”
  • “We can’t let that happen.” – Eddie
  • [standing up] “Right you are Eddie!” – Jake

Sarcasm Just Popped In There: With confidence (and working equipment) Ghost Busters can now stop a large mummy looking ghost with a mind the size of an acorn.

Seriously did these characters in some small way reflect the thinking of the mid 1980s? That without oil/gas entire societies would collapse, that human civilization would be thrown into the Dark Ages?

You’ll Need A Reference: The average price for gas in 1986 was $0.89 USD. In 1986 the average price of crude oil was $14.44 USD. Maybe Prime Evil was on to something with his plan. As in 1987 the average price of crude oil was $17.75 UD. In 1988 it returned somewhat to 1986 prices.



  • “How are you coming with that Dematerializer Tracy?” – Jake
  • “Find out what the problem is yet?” – Jake
  • [in Ape English] “A broken amplifier.” – Tracy
  • “A broken amplifier? Without the amplifier the Dematerializer won’t have enough power!” – Jake

It Just Popped In There: Perhaps the Ghost Busters should keep spare amplifiers in those back packs of theirs. And if the Dematerializer is problematic, maybe try to come up with an improved model.


  • “How big of a ghost can we use it on? Something the size of Airhead?” – Jake
  • “Nope.” – Tracy
  • [after several more comparisons] “We’ll have to find another way to handle him and fast. Before the Earth runs out of fuel.” – Jake
  • “I’ll go with you when you try again. Maybe we can think of something.” – Jessica

It Just Popped In There: Open a book sometime Jake. The Earth will never run out of fuel with alternatives such as solar power, wind mills, electricity, C.E.R.N.

How does Jessica have time to try to come up with a ghost bustin’ solution? Is this the only story she’s been working on in a different time zone?

Location: Prime Evil’s Android Cave (Unknown Time)



  • “Oh, the Ghost Busters have shown up have they? Their Dematerializer is not working. Hmm [snaps fingers] this could just be the break I’ve been waiting for.” – Prime Evil
  • “What’s that oh sultan of specters?” – Brat-A-Rat

(Not) Tobin’s Spirit Guide:


A pot-bellied, legless flying rat with an elongated nose, a lizard-like body, and an acute squint in one eye. He has no magic powers other than levitation since he has no wings. Serves as Prime Evil’s right-hand and tally-tale. His name is loosely based on Burt Bacharach, and is also a master keyboard player.

Source: Wikipedia

Quote: “My chance to get two birds with one stone.”

It Just Popped In There: Now Prime Evil has gone too far, telling kids in a vague way about hurting birds with a rock. What did they ever do to you!


It Just Popped In There: When you’re 8 you thought Prime Evil was setting his plan in motion. By the way when did he learn (maybe) to play a magical pipe organ? All he was doing was powering up his juice cooler. Do you suppose Prime Evil is drinking Hi-C?

Quote: “Anyway the first thing I better do is give Airhead some help. A sandstorm should do nicely.” – Prime Evil


It’s Been There The Whole Time: If Prime Evil had helped Airhead as (or after) he had scared off frightened oil workers he could have been watching The Golden Girls episode 5 by now.


Location: Oil Fields (Night)


Quote: “No more workers. Airhead make desert deserted.” – Airhead



  • “A sandstorm! Prime Evil must have created it.” – Jessica
  • “The sand’s too heavy!” – Jake
  • “Tracy, we’re falling. Do something!” – Jake


Quote: “We need to find a place to clean up.” – Jake

Location: Middle East City (Car Wash)



  • “Go to that car wash Tracy. We can clean up there.” – Jake


It Just Popped In There: Fortunately the junior Ghost Buggy still drove with all the oil that was underneath it. Good thing the sand and oil didn’t cause damage to the car or the equipment.

Since the oil is only crude as it continues to gush way back at a large oil field it won’t damage this car wash in any way.



  • “Good, we’re clean again. Now let’s get that mummy!” – Jake
  • “Ah, their’s one small problem Jake. [laughs] All our clothes have shrunk. We better get back to the hotel and change.” – Jesssica

It Just Popped In There: Even if their were time for that, I’m not sure the Ghost Busters brought any luggage. Unless something had been packed and is still somehow clean (and dry) in G.B.

Quote: [standing up] “No wait, that gives me an idea. I know how we can bust that bozo airhead!” – Jake

Not For Sale: Ghost Busters Underoos.

Location: Prime Evil’s Android Cave (Night)


Quote: “Scared Stiff, you bring me good news I hope.” – Prime Evil


(Not) Tobin’s Spirit Guide:

Scared Stiff

A robotic skeleton, similar in appearance to C-3PO. He is easily frightened and is often zapped to pieces by Prime Evil or falls apart on account of his own fright. Originally stockier in his pilot appearance.

Source: Wikipedia

Quote: “Of course, oh magical majesty. I, well the mummy has successfully frightened off the oil workers.” – Scared Stiff

It Just Popped In There: Scared Stiff reminds me a little of the People Busters.

If Prime Evil can spy on the Ghost Busters when they’re indoors, (breaking a plethora of laws) couldn’t he just “check” on them when they were outside in a sand storm which he created? Either way bad guys need Star Wars/The Real Ghostbusters characters to boss around.

Location: Oil Fields (Still Night)


Quote: “Oh no, the sandstorm must have jammed the pump.” – Jake

It Continues To Pop In There: Not your car at another critical time.


It Just Popped In There: I’m not sure how Tracy shortening out a control panel and then what appeared him breaking, (and throwing up into the air, look out) a piece of the oil pumps would help make the pumps run like nothing was wrong with them in the first place.

Also, if Prime Evil had actually cut off “all the fuel supply” instead of messing around drinking Sunny-D Airhead could have been at an open-mic night telling jokes.

Location: Middle East City (Back At The Car Wash)


It Just Popped In There: Unless Airhead hadn’t “phased” at the same time he was running (it’s possible as his name is Airhead after all) why didn’t he pass through the solid car wash? I guess he still hasn’t figured it out as he’s crawling through. :O


Quote: “Two inches high. Just about right for this broken Dematerializer.” – Jake

It Just Popped In There: Two inches high or not, it’s never a good idea to tell the ghosts you’re about to bust/dematerialize your equipment is broken!


It’s (Paranormal) Science: What happens when a ghost is “dematerialized?” If it can end up in “limbo,” isn’t there a good chance it can return? The Ghost Busters may want to re-examine there business model.

Location: Prime Evil’s Android Cave (After The Golden Girls)


Quote: “Those Ghost Bunglers have dematerialized Airhead. So much for my plan to destroy the world’s oil supply. This defeat angers me. I never want to hear about oil again.” – Prime Evil

It Just Popped In There: Prime Evil most likely knew he should have chosen better spectral allies, ones that could do more then just frighten off workers who could come back to there jobs. It was 1 large oil field, did he even calculate the percentages?

Well secondary evil if you don’t want to hear about oil ever again, better leave Earth until after 2017.

Quote: “A vacation? Yes!” – Prime Evil

The More You Know With Skelevision


When you have a problem to solve, try not to give up on it because maybe with a little more work you’ll be able to solve it.



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