Ghostbusters: Answer The Call


In recent weeks I’ve written about Ghostbusters being back in their saddles, (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, February 17, 2017) and The Ghost Busters. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, February 26, 2017) Those blog posts and episode reviews were leading to this site update.

With pages to the major parts of the Ghostbusters franchise, one hadn’t been created. That was in part because I hadn’t written much about Ghostbusters (2016)/Ghostbusters: Answer The Call at Ecto-Containment. It seemed better to me to post Ghostbusters (2016) news at Ghostbusters International as it was more business related.

I didn’t write at Ecto-Containment how I felt about Ghostbusters: Answer The Call being made. Coincidentally to a year ago when Sony released the first trailer on-line, I had the time to create a site update talking about when Ghostbusters: Answer The Call was announced, some context around the movie production, and other personal thoughts.

It isn’t a review (updated Blog Post: March 14, 2017)for Ghostbusters: Answer The Call. I tried to write some kind of cohesive page about my thoughts about a then new Ghostbusters movie. I still want to write some kind of review when I can.

On a smaller site update, I moved iRich from the main navigation menu. It’s under Toys. It was basically moved so Ghostbusters: Answer The Call didn’t have to make the navigation menu wider at this time.


I like and usually welcome conversation about the Ghostbusters franchise. If comments are posted (which have to be moderated anyway) that show the kind of hate towards either Ghostbusters: Answer The Call or its cast, it will be deleted and not be made public.

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment (YouTube)

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