GBI Is Across Your Cities


Originally posted on January 2, 2020 at Ghostbusters International.

Ghostbusters International and an affiliated franchise are most likely already in your city. And easily accessible through your internet or telecommunications provider. As its been a number of years since GBI as a company and club has had a domain name, the time is right for GBI to not just have a dot wordpress dot com url.

It’s 2020, twenty twenty. Let that sink in. The GHOSTBUSTERS™ franchise celebrates it’s 36th anniversary by welcoming a continuation and a sequel of the original films with Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Obligatory plug: Coming to theaters on July 10, 2020. Directed by Jason Reitman. And all a new Ghostbusters film will bring to ghostheads.

I’ve wanted GBI to have a new domain name, it had to be the “right one.” And personally it had to feel right as well. I didn’t need to just celebrate the 35th anniversary by also having a domain name again for GBI.

This year it’s better early on to have a new domain name for Ghostbusters International, for Ghostbusters: Afterlife premiere, theatrical releases, and home video releases. With that, in digital text Ghostbusters International new dot com is:

Why Ghostbusters Cities?

Quick personal internet history. In the late 1990s I used the defunct and archived Geocities to create my earliest websites. Including the first Ghostbusters franchise I established.

The right Ghostbusters domain names are hard to come by. Partially my fault over the years. GBI as the “company” behind Ghostbusters groups or franchises internationally are in or somewhere near a city. Shorthand url wise, ghostbusters cities made sense to me.

Also GBI’s Facebook account has ghostbusters cities in it’s url. A nice match. Our Twitter account will continue to be

My basic thought process is GBI will have this non or redirected WordPress domain name throughout 2020, very early 2021. It’s to be determined if it will be worth it personally to renew for $18 USD for 2021. Just as I’m not sure if I’ll keep a premium plan at Ecto-Containment.

What’s New At Ghostbusters International?

If you haven’t visited in a while or have been use to the long term design we’ve been using, that has changed as of January 2, 2020. The web monkeys have chosen a new design and have tweaked it some. Upgraded or new graphics may jazz up the place some more.

We’ve also removed 2 pages from the navigation menu. Links and Firehouse. In part to keep all 8 of the main navigations links streamlined. All the links on GBI’s former Links page are also at Ecto-Containment’s Links page. The Firehouse page added to the realism, it isn’t as necessary. It’s been trashed, not deleted. I could see restoring it with updates. As always as my schedule allows.

Thanks for reading and your support. I’ve been part of GBI’s staff since 2003. I’m a ghosthead since the beginning. I like working on web sites and I’m happy to continue overseeing Ghostbusters International as long as its personally right.

Photo Source: Ghostbusters International (Corporate Glass page)


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