Better Quarters Way Off Campus


It’s been less than two months since I moved. If you followed a little of the progress through Ecto-Containment’s Facebook page you know that I moved out of Jersey, had to wait for movers to deliver things, hook up internet, and I’ve been watching 1990s professional wrestling.

That didn’t mean I wasn’t reading, listening, and sometimes watching “news from the world ‘o Gozer.” I’ve been wanting to get back to Ecto-Containment so I can write about Ghostbusters and add new content.

If you’ve been here since before July it’s noticeable I updated Ecto-Containment with a new and updated layout. Including updated Ecto-Containment logo and new (in a long time) site browser icon.


What’s else?

Streamlined (industry speak) navigation menu.

  • Movies – Ghostbusters film franchise.
  • Animation – Real & Extreme Ghostbusters cartoons.
  • Toys – Kenner, Trendmasters, and Matty Collector.

With the Toys page itself, it hasn’t been updated yet.

Update: Toys page has been updated.

  • Rich Collectibles – Formerly iRich.
  • Media – Formerly Videos. Media contains movie and animated reviews. Along with links to photos, print is dead content and videos.

Thank you for visiting Ecto-Containment and/or subscribing to updates. Or following/liking Ecto-Containment social media.

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