Guess To The Future


In Back To The Future II before Doc went back to 1985 to disrupt Marty’s Saturday with Jennifer, Doc had gone ahead to October 22, 2015 (and presumably beyond) to see what would be the fate of Marty and Jennifer’s (“Bring her along, this concerns her too.” – Doc) future kids.

Two years before that 2015 it’s safe to say Marty wasn’t sitting on his computer taking pictures slightly mimicking his 17 year old look. Which is what I’ve been doing this morning. I was really looking forward to yesterday because of the Guess jacket. Unfortunately something I ate or drank at lunch hurt my stomach. When the jacket didn’t quite fit, (“Size adjusting…”) I knew that was part of the reason. I still wanted to wear the shirts, jacket, vest, and mirrored sun glasses.

I also wanted to write at least a little about the jacket. I figured I’d be feeling better by today. I could try the jacket on today and get better self taking photos (thanks iMac web cam!) to write and share on iRichard Roy today. Besides feeling better the jacket fit slightly better. It’s still a slim fit and unless I move somewhat into the Guess universe I won’t always button it.


Company Critique

After searching through a lot of denim jackets since September I was leaning towards buying one in person so I could avoid exactly what happened. The Guess jacket I found and eventually bought came from Guess’ outlet eBay store. I had thought about driving to the closest Guess outlet store. My car is hopefully a week away from getting exhaust work done. I didn’t want to drive more then I have to. A trip to the mall was possible as I live less then 10 miles from the regional mall. While waiting somewhat I saw the Guess jacket was not only at a discount price, it was also on sale. I never wanted to spend that much on a jacket to begin with. I was able to save an additional $18 which included free shipping.

It may or may not be different just ordering from Guess’ outlet website. Buying through eBay (I’ve had an account there since 1998) was easy. By the time I went to sleep they left me feedback and I think the next day it shipped out. I didn’t even get a chance to check any of the status updates before they had emailed me. I chose USPS, they used UPS. Minor nitpick, shipping was still free and I had the jacket at 4:11 PM.

I don’t even blame Guess for the jacket not fitting like my older Levi standard 2XL black denim jacket. After reading the page I assumed it would fit like the Levi. They probably do have a size chart which I didn’t really look at. I really do like the jacket and have worn it for brief periods. I haven’t even been out yet. :O

The only thing you may have noticed is missing from my denim jacket is the BC Rich blue electric guitar pin. A reason is because it’s a heavier pin that feels like it could rip the light denim material. As previously established I don’t play guitar. It also felt a little weird to wear a guitar pin. If I was wearing the clothing costume I’d probably have the pin on the jacket. If you’re wondering I don’t currently have the Fender classic “kryptonite” guitar pick in the jacket pocket. Even with the guitar pin I may move the Fox pin to the left side (remember the web cam reverses the images) to even out the look.

Every designer piece of clothing looks like it was made for models. My Guess jacket obviously wasn’t made for me. It didn’t stop me from taking pictures.


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