Through The Looking Glass

I received my Guess jacket this afternoon. I like it, it doesn’t quite ft :/ because I guess (no pun) in the model universe even guys who wear XXL have to be slim. The denim jacket was advertised as a standard fit. I knew this could happen and getting it at more then half off made the risk worth it. I’m pretty sure Michael J. Fox wore the jacket open the entire time. He was cool like that. :p I also think at some point the jacket will fit better.

I did pin the pins onto the jacket and took some test pictures with wearing the vest and not wearing it. The only one I liked enough is with the vest. My pictures (mostly dressed as a Ghostbuster) have been on the internet for more then 15 years. I still feel like I’m showing a little bravery with this test picture. *edit* Removed for better pictures on October 22, 2013. When the clothing costume is complete enough I want to get more BTTF-centric photos taken. I’ll probably take better pictures of the jacket and the pins. It won’t be until tomorrow at the earliest.

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